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B12 after Rituxan treatment for FNHL

I am new to this site and happy to find it. I have recently gone through 5 weeks of treatment with Rituxan. I was first diagnosed with NHL in 1982 at 28 years old. At the time the recommended protocol was chemo and radiation and the Dr. said I had possibly 10 years. I had just given birth to my youngest daughter 3 months prior. 10 years did not sound like enough time. I walked away from that Dr. and changed my life style. Started meditating and yoga. Improved my diet, basically put myself on W&W for 34 years. Never discussed it with any doctors over the years.... but in April it came back with symptoms that could not be ignored. My husband has gone through treatment for stage IV throat cancer in 2013 and a HPV sinus tumour this year. The stress of his treatment was intense. He is doing well I am happy to say! Then I was diagnosed again just as he recovered. I am in remission according to the last 2 scans. Having trouble getting my energy back. Finished treatment in June and find I am having hard time accepting that I still have no energy. Has anyone tried B12 shots? If so what was your experience with them? Thank you so much for the help. Teddy

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hi Teddy - I saw your second post before this one which explains your situation. As regards the B12 - if it has been depleted by your treatment, it sounds sensible to get the shots. The most important thing to find out is the cause of the low energy. All treatment has side effects and if anyone here can elaborate on what exactly Rituxan does apart from reducing the tumour load, it would be very helpful to all of us, as it is such a common treatment.

Cheers to you for coming through so much. Maybe a blood test for B12 and iron stores/ferritin would help clarify if that is what is going on.


Thank you! That is a sound advice.

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Rituxin is the trade name.

Rituximab is the chemical name.

All cells have certain proteins on the cell wall if you like, these are sometimes called proteins

Your lymph system has B cells or b lymphocytes. One of the common proteins is called CD20.

Rituximab attaches to the CD20 and tells the cell to kill itself.

So Rituximab does not care if the cell is healthy or cancerous.

Rituximab comes from a chemical family of Monoclonal antibodies (mAb or moAb) are antibodies that are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell.

I hope that makes some sense


1Anj1 yes, thank you, I am familiar with what Rituxan is and does. My question is if anyone who has gone through treatment has used B12 shots to help with energy, if so, what their experience has been.


Hi Teddy, I am so happy to hear you are in remission. I think it takes time to get your energy back after treatment. I had to wear a wet suit to go swimming for the first year after treatment because I was constantly cold. I take B12 daily as a vegan it is important to include this in my vitamins. I did try the B12 shots like 15 yrs ago as a diet treatment and it made no difference in how I felt energy wise. I don't believe there is any danger to the shots as your body will urinate out the excess. As time passes you will start to feel better. Eat healthy clean foods and continue your yoga and meditation. Wishing you well!


wow you were in remission for over thirty years????


Yes I would try to the b12 but check wit your doctor

I take liquid form every day


Hi Teddy 811, I haven't tried B 12, but I can say I finished treatment (chemo) in June 2015 then had 2 years of maintenance Retuxin (finished June 2017) and am just now (almost a year later) feeling like I am making progess with my energy level. Mild exercise, slow walking, a bit of yoga are all helping. Keep at it. Good luck!


Teddy I too had the Rituxan for 2 years monthly. I am remission from stage lV mantel cel.

I have had a really hard time getting my energy back, plus I got really bad neuropathy in feet. Numb feeling, twitching etc. I have never tried the B12, so can't help you with any response. I hope things improve for both of you and your husband... It's tough...


I have not had treatment yet but IP6 with INOSITOL gives me energy.


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