Burkitt's NH Lymphoma - extranodal

Hi everyone. I am 56 and am now 9 months cancer free!. I was diagnosed with Large B-cell NH lymphoma in June 2015. The biopsy showed Burkitt-like behavior so my dx was Burkitt's. The treatment plan was Hyper-CVAD alternating with High dose Methotrexate plus cytarabine with Rituxamab also. This was for 8 treatments total alternating courses. It required me to have inpatient chemo every month so I was in the hospital from 10 - 14 days each month. I also had intrathecal chemo injections twice each month alternating methotrexate and cytarabine. I try not to think about how much chemotherapy I had. But it worked and now that is all behind me and I feel great now. Glad to be well and living a normal life again!

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  • Hi ntbusby! 9 months cancer free is amazing, congratulations! Glad you're well and can join us on NHL friends :)

  • happy for you

  • Normal ????? Wow, I am extremely happy for you! I am in 5 years re-mission from NHL wrapped around my colon. 6 surgeries lost 52 lbs. I am alive today but finding out from the 8-cycles of R-CHOP protocol my body is not responding like it was 3 years ago. I get extremely tired from simple tasks. Playing golf just 9-holes riding a cart tires me for 2 days. I am not heavy by any means. 5'8", 171 lbs, and athletic body. Umpire baseball at a high level and do Referee High School Basketball for the last 42 years. I was told by my Oncology nurse the R-Chop will age me 10-15 years. I am in the 15% mortality rate for living this long I found out! Good Luck and truck along, every day is a Gift!