Non Hodgkin's lymphoma

Hi, I'm new here. Name is Kathy. follicular non Hodgkin's lymphoma. found out had it in 2009. went into remission and Dec. 2015 came back on me. had 6 years of remission. I'm in remission now and have too take 2 years of maintenance chemo. I have a great Dr who looks out for me and God. Stay positive and keep the faith. I'm here if you need to talk. God Bless you all.

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  • This is good, Kathy, you can live with NHL a long time and live well.

  • Hi Kathy I'm Ger. I was diagnosed in 2014. No treatment so far. I get checked every four months. I stay positive with plenty of good nutrition and swimming.

  • Hi Kathy, glad you could join our community! Thanks for sharing :)

  • 2014 in my second year of mtce

  • Hi Kathy. Just found out about this site, hope all is well with your maintainence treatment. I was diagnosed with follicular non hodgkin's lymphoma stage 3, in Dec 2016. Just had my 7th RCVP Chemo (8 Planned) spoke with consultant at last weeks blood test appointment and discussed next step after chemo finishes, they will make a decision whether i will need maitainence treatment (after scan I presume). Obviously nervous with the unknown, any advise do's and donts re your experiences. Bob

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