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Hello thank you for allowing me to be part of your group. I was diagnosed in 2012 with lymphoma the cancer had attacked my L2 and I have a small hole in that bone. I had radiation and chemo. I also had 9 shots of ge a reclass drug. They did scans recently because I was having so much trouble with my lower back all the way down my right leg. This time it lasted 7 weeks. So much pain. I moved to RI from MA after my treatment was over. I had to get all new Doctors. I can deal with the pain but I get night sweats all the time. The Petscan I had did not show any signs of the cancer coming back. I just wonder if anyone knows what I can do for the sweats. It's awful sometimes it happens in the day I turn red all over and I heat up only to chill after. Doctors are really no help. Today I'm good as far as the pain. I keep moving my body with and stretching when I can. I go back to have another scan in March. Thanks in advance for your information 😍

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  • I'm 65 so there is no menopause I went through that in my 50's.

  • I found that if I keep my weight low and not eat carbs for dinner I have no hot flashes. I might have some fruit for dessert. Make sure you are drinking at least 60 oz of water daily. I sleep with a small fan on the floor by my bed so it does not blow on my husband. Hopefully this to shall pass.

  • Thank you so much. When you get your nightsweats do you get chills after it starts to subside? I have lost 45 pounds in the past 6 months (not trying). We hardly eat carbs because my Hubby has diabetes so we both are on plenty of water during the day. I also get the sweats in the day time. It's embarrassing I never know when and I turn so red. Thank you I really appreciate your help.

  • I have day sweats even on a cold day and then chills after then upper respitory problem

  • Me too and I hate being cold and clammy after. It's kind of embarrassing when your out and all of a sudden your red as a beet and perspiring all over. I guess there could be worse things. Thank you so much. 😍

  • Someone else said the medication Gabapentin helped the sweats.Ask the doctor if it's a big problem.

  • It is so annoying but I can deal with it. Thanks again.

  • To help with my night sweats , it helps me to have only a sheet and light blanket and definitely a fan. My husband keeps the comforter in his side only. It made all the difference for me as before I might as well have been a baked potato in the oven😬

  • Thank you I have an overhead fan that's on all the time.. The only thing is after I have the nightsweats I get all cold and clammy. I have to get up and change everything I'm so sweaty. I get them in the daytime also. Then I get chills. Things could be worse so I'm thankful that this is minor and I can deal with it. I do appreciate being part of your site. 😍

  • Hot and sweaty then clammy sounds pretty normal. But I share how annoying it is! At night I sleep with my feet outside the covers and that helps somewhat. Prepare that change of clothes and keep it nearby so it's not too disrupting. You're right, it's survivable. Best wishes.

  • Thank you. It's something I can live with. 😍

  • Hi, I used Gabapentin. It was very effective for controlling night sweats for 3 years while my FNHL was growing.

  • not sure if your age but the night sweats and daytime sweats may be hot flashes.

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