Shell Shocked

Had a 3 monthly appointment with hematologist today after being in remission since September 2016. However did get a diagnosis of low grade bowel cancer in mid-January this year - all taken in stride, very positive until today and all that caused it was the lymph nodes (without any reason) were up under my arm and in my neck. She, the doctor said wait 4 weeks then go back to see her at which time she will organise a CT scan and a biopsy - it really does appear that my life now revolves around cancer. Will go to bed and wake up positive again tomorrow. Thank you for letting me blather and vent - good night friends😇

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  • Hi Dragongranny, Sorry to hear you have two diagnoses to deal with now. You do have a great attitude which will go a long way toward seeing you through this. Hopefully the day will come when cancer will become a smaller part of all our lives and not have to occupy so much of our thoughts. I find that when I focus on remission rather than cure, it becomes more manageable for me. Good luck with your CT scan. Let us know how it goes.

  • So sorry this is happening to you. Hang in there and know that you are not alone. Hugs

  • Thinking of you dragon granny God bless you!

  • A positive attitude lowers stress which, in turn, fights cancer. Keep it up. :-)

  • Dragongranny, it is never pleasant to have new medical issues rear their ugly heads when we least expect it. At the outset, it does appear that your life evolves around cancer but please know that there will come a day where you will once again live you life with these trying days behind you.

    As for your oncologist asking you to wait 4 weeks before returning to see her to schedule a CT scan and biopsy, I would look on the positive side. Perhaps the oncologist is using the watch and wait approach over those 4 weeks to ascertain if the lymph nodes in question are aggressive in nature.

    You have had an awful lot to deal with in a very short time and I know how draining that can be on a person. Keep up that positive attitude and add some humour daily. Those 4 weeks waiting will be a little easier to bear.

  • All i can say is prayers and hugs to you my friend

  • so sorry. may your doctor diagnose and treat you to full health again....keep your chin up.

  • Praying for a good outcome and that you stay strong and positive 😊

  • Wish for the best results. I completely understand what you mean about your life revolving around cancer. My NHL was in remission only a few months before it relapsed into my CNS I am now 3 months post stem cell transplant. Trying to remember life before cancer😢

  • Dear all thank you for your kind words and encouragement - as always very heartening and positive - again thank you 😊

  • Hang in there Dragongranny. Your positivity is an inspiration to us all! Wishing you only the best for a complete recovery.

  • Good luck we will keep positive thoughts and prayers for good outcomes for you. Keep communicating with us we all understand , you got this 🌻

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