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Starting clinical trial for non noudle marginal lymphoma

Hi my name is Theresa, I was diagnosed with low grade marginal Lymphoma almost 2 years ago,. At that time I had a mass on back for which I received radiation and rituxin infusion once every week for four weeks and a maintenance schedule of once every two months for a 2 year period. I was about 6 months in my maintenance when a noudle on my lung was discovered, a needle biopsy proved inconclusive,. That was one year ago, since then I have had numerous scans, bone marrow biopsy,. More needle biopsy all reporting suggestive of lymphoma, but not diagnostic. In the meantime the noudle sin my lungs are increased in numbers and size.and staring in my I developed a dry cough and shortness of breath.

It was decided to have lung surgery and obtain the lung tissue for biopsy.

The diagnosis was non noudle marginal zone lymphoma ( malt) . Treatment options were explored, and my doctor recommended a clinical trial , which I am scheduled to start this coming Monday,

I appreciate all the information that is shared and I hope I can give positive feedback on my clinical trial,

Thank you

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Hope the clinical trial goes well, a step into the unknown! I'm about to start one too for my follicular lymphoma which has transformed after 7+ years into more aggressive B cell.


Is the clinical trial only for LGFL that has transformed?


Subjects with advanced solid tumours or B cell lymphomas.


I'm not really sure .....


Thank you, and good luck with your trial!!


Hi Theresa, I was diagnosed with Extra Nodal Marginal Zone Lymphoma of the liver in October 2012. Had operation to remove the Lymphoma and part of my liver in January 2013 and I have regular check ups since. Good luck with your Clinical trial.


Good luck to you 😊

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Thank you, I'm anxious, but also optimistic!


How is the clinical trial going? I was just diagnosed with Marginal zone. The type is still uknown but I'll be having my first bone marrow biopsy and pet scan this next week. I hope to have some more answers next week.


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