Scratch that Itch

Hi Everyone,

I am 38 years old and my EFGR is currently 29.

Over the last year I have been suffering from extremely itchy lower limbs. I haven't mentioned this to my consultant as I thought I was being a hypochondriac but I have now noticed some of you are having the same problem.

Is there anything I can do???

Does removing certain foods from your diet help?

Would medication help?

I would rather not take medication unless totally neseccary as I don't want to over work the old kidneys.

I am probably about one and a half stones over my boxing weight and am trying to lose a bit.

I have always been told that there is nothing I can do about diet apart from lowering salt intake, surely there are some food that are positive for the kidneys and some we should avoid?

The only thing I have been able to do is drink lots of water and never add salt to my I missing a trick.....could I do more to protect the kidneys????

Thanks in advance,


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  • i would mention this next time you could try anti histamines my husbands home care nurse has said this is ok to do but maybe a lower dose or in the evening if thats when its worse i think mainly just a good healthy diet with plenty of fruit & veg no salt or too much fat! unless your electrolites are out raised urea & high phosphate are the worse offenders for causing itching so maybe your consultant would tell you or maybe see the renal dietician!

  • Thanks Phillen, great advice. My diet is generally pretty good, no processed food and plenty of fruit and veggies but like everything else I could always do a little better.


  • Oily fish , smoked fish , tinned fish, processed foods(ready meals, Tinned meats), dairy , eggs are all high phosphate foods . Start to eliminate them from your diet should help reduce the itching over time , . As always talk to your local dietician for more advice . It might help them if you write down a food diary for a few weeks that will help them tell you which things to eliminate

  • Cheers Pluto, I haven't been assigned a dietician but will ask about one during my next check up.

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