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My GFR has gone up! :-)

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Had my yearly assessment yesterday and my GFR has gone up to 68 (from 54). Now Stage 2. After doing my own research and reading Lee Hull's book I made some changes to my diet. Reduced protein and anything not naturally produced eg bacon. A big eye opener for me was the amount of salt in food, especially cooked ham!

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Blimey well done you !

I have had similar experience with my Doctor prescribed renal diet. My eGFR went form 54 to 68. Any renal diet should be approved by your Doctor as could be other factors to consider.

Did adhere to all the recommendations in Lee Hulls book or a modified version?

I found the food plans in the book difficult to work with so I started by reducing my intake of protein from meat. But struggled as the veggie alternatives are high in protein as well. So very much on a learning curve. Also reduced sweets and biscuits so my cholesterol when down to 4.3 from 5.1. I also watched my salt intake a lot more carefully by reading the levels of salt on ingredients.

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Oldearkie in reply to Steve_W

Keep struggling. I too found the book hard to work with but it is a starting place. Now decide to go vegetarian or vegan and work with it. It ain't easy but that is what I'm doing. I have more restrictions: three blood thinners every day because of heart surgery and several stents. I have to watch the vitamin "K" and leave most of the leafy greens to the bunnies. I am 83 and 4th stage autosomal PKD, reaching for 100.

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Susieg1 in reply to Steve_W

Bear in mind that veggie protein is easier for your kidneys. That's why we are encouraged to eat it instead of too much red meat which is harder on them. You still need protein.

That’s BRILLIANT news.. I too am expecting my yearly check up soon ( was efgr 54 October ... and like you have Lee Hulls book and not strictly adhered to the diet but modified it.

If I get as good as results as you - I will be over the moon. Well done! 👍

Well done. It is a shame that the health professionals don't focus on diet for CKD patients as it makes such a huge difference. I was diagnosed at 17% and told I would be on dialysis within 3 to 6 months, Through diet changes I was able to extend that to nearly five years. I did not get any diet advice from the docs. They said it would not make any difference. But as you and I and many others have proved it is key.

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elurhmae in reply to rabbit01

Do you mind sharing your meal plan?

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rabbit01 in reply to elurhmae

Sure. I cut out colas and carbonated beverages. Before being diagnosed I would drink up to 3 cans of diet coke each day. I increased fruit and vegetables. Stopped eating red meat and processed meat. I drink a lot more water. Significantly reduced alcohol. I used to have a lot of table salt but I was able to cut that out too. I love cheese and can still have a small amount but if I overdo it my phosphate goes through the roof and my skin itches. It was a long process to find the balance between being able to enjoy food with the family and yet not do further damage to my kidneys. Of course everyone is different and in my case even with 8% remaining kidney function I am still able to eat tomatoes and bananas yet my potassium levels are perfect. There are so many variations to this disease that it is important to discuss any proposed major diet changes with your nephrologist. You can't take any risks as you know you won't get any second chances with this awful condition.

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elurhmae in reply to rabbit01

Thank you for responding. I'll try and get him to go on a vegetarian diet because his GFR is quite low at the moment. Were you able to eat chicken, fish and egg whites? He doesn't eat bananas at all, but i'll definitely be cutting out the coke, coffee etc. He usually tries to not impede on his friends (have no idea about his condition) especially so he ends up eating what they eat. I am determined to prolong his kidney use.

Thank you again.

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rabbit01 in reply to elurhmae

Yes I ate chicken and fish. I can relate to the problem with friends and family! It's hard to discuss it and even when you do a lot of people don't understand how devastating kidney disease is. I have even had friends tell me all I need to do is eat animal kidneys to repair mine! Well best of luck.

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htpi1543 in reply to rabbit01

Thank you for the reply

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htpi1543 in reply to rabbit01

Hi Rabbit01

I am in a similar situation like your

GFR 19, creatinine 3.09,

Nephro says be prepared for Dialysis. Scared me to the hilt

I am 75, and just want to avoid dialysis for few more years

Since you managed to prevent Dialysis for 5 years, I would be highly interested in knowing how you did it. I am willing to go to any extent to achieve this

Kindly share your diet and other activity that made this possible

Thank you so much

God bless you


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rabbit01 in reply to htpi1543

Hello. Well I cut out eating red meat. I stopped drinking colas and carbonated drinks. I increased my intake of water so had at least 1.5 litre each day but that is not possible for everyone I know. I ate more green vegetables. I was able to maintain good levels of potassium and phosphate and urea just through diet. I am just about to start dialysis but I am pleased I was able to make my 17% last 5 years which was far longer than the nephrologist gave me. Good luck

Always good to hear positive news. Thanks for sharing!

There are lots of success stories on the Natural Kidney Journey facebook group at the moment - owing to following a plant based, whole food, no oil diet. Have a look, you may want to try aspects of it.

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htpi1543 in reply to CEF77

I tried the website and it says closed group.

Steve did you eat any fish or meat?

Hi, yes still ate meat and fish. So fish once or twice a week and meat 4 or five times a week. The major change was in what type of food I ate, so I was consciously looking at salt and sugar in take. Also reduced caffeine intake and switched to mint herbal teas. Also lots of exercise, HIIT class 3 times a week.

thanks for the info, HIIT confuses me, as some doctors don't recommend vigorous exercise says increases creatine:)

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