Since starting dialysis I've had a tiny appetite?

Originally I was sick a lot and not eating because nobody had noticed my kidneys had failed. However, it carried on even once my bloods came back fine to the stage I was on almost every anti sickness medication and had to have a feeding tube for 6 weeks because I had lost so much weight. That settled down at the start of summer last year and I am a healthy weight again but I still weigh a lot less than before I got ill and have a tiny appetite, it is almost like I just got out of the habit and don't really need to anymore.

I'm also not allowed a lot of foods that I liked previously because I'm a haemodialysis patient. The doctors etc. aren't concerned because everything (including m weight) is okay but I miss being able to go out and not just order a childs meal or a starter! Has this happened to anyone else or do you have any ideas? Thanks :)

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  • Hi Justagirl.

    I'm sorry to say that all dialysis patients do have a fluid restriction and diet restriction because when your kidneys fail they don't filter the toxins properly so you need to stick to a renal diet , the dialysis machine is not like a fully functioning kidney.

    I trust the dietitian has spoken to you and given you some leaflets on diets, what you can and cant eat, they should be able to assist you with what meals out you can eat. As for a poor appetite again this is common in kidney failure but as long as you are being monitored and not lacking any essentials I am sure it will settle down

    Please also call the NKF helpline free of charge as they can give you some assistance on diets (0845) 601 02 09

  • Hi justagirl.

    i have just started dialysis 3 weeks ago, and i have a tiny appetite, i never feel like eating, my wife has to remind me to eat, also everything i eat leaves an instant disgusting after taste which puts me off eating and i end up having to choke the food down just to get nourishment.

    The docs have no answer to why i have this taste, but everything has the same taste including fluids other than water. sure its a small price to pay to feel as good as i do now but i also wondered if anyone else had experienced these symptoms

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