Nepropathy and kidney stones

I have idiopathic nepropathy and have had excruciating pains over the last 5 days thinking kidney stones and having a ultrasound scan tomorrow, has anyone suffered the same and any advice on coping with this

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  • I'm having the same issue. I don't know how this is handled. Im wanting to hear back from nephrologist for a new urologist. I had a Ct scan and my 4.4 mm stone is still lodged in capsule of left kidney. I would see a doctor to check

  • I had to take a muscle relaxer small amount to get relief for now.

  • Hi Kathryn thank you for rep!ying ,I phoned the renal dept and spoke with a doctor who advised keeping on top of pain relief,my local hospital has a walk in scanning dept so I went with my form but was turned away due to being full up so try again tomorrow. I can get morphine when acute attack occurs but have to go to Portsmouth renal and its a ferry ride away.its no easy outcome to remove or break down these stones meanwhile we suffer.I thought I was going to die the pain was so intense. I wish you relief from it.

  • I've had 2 stents in 2016 do to stones being stuck in tube to bladder. Yes get the scan .

  • Hi Kathryn goodness no stones visible likely have been passed or just infection of kidneys, result next week

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