Never give up

Good news after 6 months of investigation and tests my GFR is gone up from 42 to 61 and creatinnes from 108 to 81 and my stage 3b now stage kidney function declined rapidly over 1 month . I was found to have antibodies for auto immune disease and severe inflammation in my wrists.they don't know why this happened but I quickly decided to remove any thing I was ingesting that would cause my body to react and cause inflammation.. ( my intolerance to certain foods I.e. Wheat and milk. Tuna, cod and haddock. The high protein foods on my slimming world diet and rectify my low vitamin d count . Eliminate from my diet anything that was not kidney pain killers . No sweeteners .. especially aspartamine which in America is being blamed for the mass increase in auto immune diseases e.g. Lupus and fibromyalgia . For me it has worked . Apart from 2 wrist ops to rectify the inflammation in my wrists my kidney function is now back to what it was a year ago . I am now a happy68 year old and just want to say to all those people recently diagnosed with low GFR .. not to be frightened and do all you can to help yourselves .. it can often work .. with positive results.xx

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  • That's great news - thank you for sharing.

  • Wow this is such great news. Keep it up

  • Am so glad for you! You did a lot of great changes and your efforts were a great improvement. Hope it continues to be stable.

  • Yes - Never Give Up.

  • So happy for you! Great news!

  • That's very heartening - it does seem to me that there are so many things that can cause problems for your kidneys, the more we inform ourselves the better. Thank you and best of luck for the future.

  • Thank you sunsetter and hope you are keeping well too.

  • Great news! May you be blessed with a healthy and happy life. Best wishes.

  • Great work. Keep it up. I m still struggling.

  • Brilliant news. Well done. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you. My numbers aren’t bad but a bit confusing as I have done a low carb diet, which is somewhat similar, just some changes in fruits, vegetables, I eat very little protein, dairy free, and exercise least an hour of cardio and half hour of weights everyday. I am interested in opinion on cholesterol medicines particularly statins.

  • Dear Sally ..what is your cholesterol and have you been advised to go on statins?

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