No urine testing?

I've had several blood tests this year, all showing an eGFR between 51 and 58, and my GP has just shown me they have tracked it down from the mid 70s a few years ago. He doesn't seem at all concerned, but may be trying to stop me worrying, as I'm naturally anxious. I'm going for a scan next week, but I don't think I've had my urine tested at all. Should I ask for that? Is it usual? Would it help identify a cause, and would having a cause help in any way? I'm not diabetic, and my BP is only slightly high, not enough to need treating I'm told.

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  • They don't need to test the urine unless you think you have an infection blood tests are good enough to tell all the details at this stage they tell them all they need to know!

    try ot to worry you sound like you are being monitored well egfr of 51 to 58 can stay like that for many years & it can vary slightly from day to day even!

    good luck & try not to worry

  • Dear Friend, I am not sure, but, I think either one of the blood tests or urine tests is enough to see if there is any problem with the eGFR unless there is protein in the urine. On the other hand, thank God you are not diabetic and you have no hypertension. So, I would like to suggest you not to worry. Deo Volente, you will have no problem. I hope so.

  • Dear Friend, I forgot to tell you to observe a proper diet of fresh vegetables and fruits. Good Luck.

  • Thanks for your kind responses. I'm still a bit worried about not having a urine test, and having read a bit on the NKF website, it says on this page that "Leakage of protein into the urine increases the risk of any kidney disease. Everyone with CKD should therefore have a urine test to measure the amount of protein in the urine, and if this level is high, they will receive more careful treatment and possibly more extensive investigations"

    I'm in the dark about what is the right way ahead, and I don't want to irritate my GP. But I also don't want them to miss anything that might help. I'm most worried about the cardio-vascular risks, as both my parents have these problems

  • leaking protein in to the urine is a sign of kidney disease your gp may start asking if you get worse my husband (on dialysis now) when he was stage 3 only took a sample once a year or if he thought he had an infection! I don't think there was anything they could have done differently for him! he lived at stage 3 for at least 15 years that we know of you can stay stable for many many years x

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