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Excessive urination


I have been experiencing urination problems for a while.i have the urge to use the loo every 1 and half hours.even earlier.i currently have a gfr of 16.i am due to be retested shortly.i don't think I have a urine infection as there is no burning..i know there can be a problem with urination in advanced stages but usually the other way,not enough.i do drink around 1.5 ltrs of water.main problem is at night,getting up 3-4 Times.not sleeping much and then work the next day..has anyone else had this symptom?

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I am at the same stage even a bit lower than you with 14% eGFR. I am coming up to 52 years old. I don't have to pee quite as often as you have to but certainly I get up at least twice a night. During the day I am ok. I drink about the same as you ~ 1.5 litres over the course of the day.

Peri5 in reply to rabbit01

Hi..thanks for your reply.i feel makes me anxious knowing that I'll get up to go to the loo..i really wish for a good night sleep.luckily your not getting this symptom.it can be frustrating..i see we have similar gfrs.have you experienced any significant changes?I'm going to see the nurse at the advanced clinic for the first time.hopefully she will shed some light..

rabbit01 in reply to Peri5

The most significant symptom I get is that I get very tired. I still work full time, but I am very lucky and work for a great company who have their own doctor who is very supportive and keeps my management up to date from an independent perspective. As I work on computers my company agreed to me working from home four days each week and that has really helped me continue to work as my condition got worse. I get itchy skin and have a metallic taste in my mouth most of the time and I go through bouts of nausea which seem to come and go. Normally the morning is when I feel at my worst and then improve throughout the day. I hope the renal nurse is able to help you.

I’m at gfr 6 and see my nephrologist next Tuesday. I think the color and odor of urine is also important. If it’s clear and odorless, then kidneys are not functioning to remove enough urea so you have a higher BUN value.

Peri5 in reply to Ednamode

Hi..thank you for your reply..i looked at my urine and it's pale yellow and does have albumin in it..iv always had protein around +2.ill keep a check on the urine appearance.i went to the hospital last Thursday so anxious wait to know the latest.i hope ur appointment goes well..are you on dialysis yet?

Excessive urination especially at night is usually a sign of kidney disease/failure if there is no infection & you are not diabetic. Make sure you tell your doctor this as it is a very important symptom. Sometimes your kidneys don't concentrate your urine like they should and is a cause of excessive urination. Nephrologists usually look at how much protein is in your urine with this problem.

I have had a transplant, 18 years ago, and started having excessive urination at night about 2 months ago. I too am tired during the day, I think from having to get up so often at night. My doctor explained too that during the night when you lie down, the fluid that has been in your legs and ankles during the day, makes you "pee" more at night. My doctor is testing my urine often for the amount of protein and may do a kidney biopsy in the near future to see if there is kidney damage.

I think the important thing is to let your doctor know that this is happening. Take care & good luck!

Peri5 in reply to WYOAnne

Hi WYOAnne

Many thanks for your kind reply..i see you are experiencing the same sort of urine issue..i spoke to the renal nurse for the first time..she has given me the low down on different types of dialysis and what's involved.i told her about the night time urination problem and she says it's pretty common in advanced kidney patients.she said the kidneys can't tell the difference between day and night and continue to work..getting rid of toxins..its pretty scary as you think they are declining rapidly..she has ordered a whole lot of blood tests..im quite worried if the outcome but has to be done.iv kept them informed as you said..

I hope your kidney results remain stable.best wishes..

Have you been tested for diabetes?

Peri5 in reply to Osidge

Hi..theyve done a whole lot of tests at my appointment.shall know more soon..im sure they'll check that as well.

Hello peri 5...at 16 egfr you must be getting advice and tests building you up for future transplant..dont know your age...iv had transplant which has saved me ..after 52 years of kidney problems..keep healthy diet low red meat no salt . keep weight at bmi level..all the best take care chris

Hi Chris..

Yes I just saw the renal nurse for the first time..alot of information given regarding dialysis and transplant..had lots of blood taken.about 6 bottles..im 41ys old..been on this journey with CKD since age 13..thank you for your advice regarding diet..iv been vegetarian for many years and try and eat healthy although find the food choices limited..its great you got your transplant..52 years is a long time..how do you feel now?do you have to take lots of medications?..take care..

Sure do..

I'm acute stage 4 renal failure and I've been urinating about 30- 40 times a day..Some nights I'm up urinating every half an hour throughout the night..

Unusually it's at least 5 or 6 times during the night and it is extremely tiring getting broken sleep..

Hopefully if the nephrologist gets me in remission some of this urinating will taper off..

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