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I recently had my kidney function test come back low in the 80's.  Nurse said I was just dehydrated, my urine was dark as well, and to drink more water.  She said this was Dr.'s suggestion.  I looked this up though and it said 80's indicate mild kidney disease.  Any thought on what I should do?  Up my water and recheck sometime- how long- or get a second opinion from a urologist or nephrologist?

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  • Hey. I'm 18 years old with only 45% kidney function and stage 3 kidney disease. You should be fine! I'm still doing good with such low kidney function. Keep your potassium up and stay hydrated. Kidney function can decrease from dehydration and can increase once rehydrated. But if you're really concerned it never hurts to get another opinion. I've had 4 different opinions and am just now finding my disease!

  • That is counted as normal in the UK anything over 60 is fine. Depending on your age low 80s is probably good so nothing to worry about. Hope this sets your mind at rest 

  • I am at 18% and would give my right arm to be in the 80's! Drink more water and cut down on salt and you will be fine.  You wont get to see a kidney doc until you are below 30% in most cases which I doubt you will ever be.

  • Thanks!

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