ckd stage b

I went for an xray of back and could not find anything wrong. I have been having pain in my buttocks and just below my cheek line and just end of back. Dr advises me that it is definitely not the kidneys. Still

have pain and repeating grf tomorrow which was 37 4 weeks ago. Done know if I should see a specialist

or what to do. Is this progressing? no protein or blood in urine and have been drinking 64-80 oz water

today and always have pains in my calves.I feel I have wasted now $166. I don't know if I should be seeing another dr or not. Need some input on this so I can appt. Thanks everyone and Happy Holidays.

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  • No protein in urine is a good sign. I don't think ckd would cause pain as you describe. That sounds more arthritic. Just my opinion, but I think your kidneys are probably stable, but you still need following and should eat a low sodium diet. The pain should be assessed by an orthopedic doctor. Just my opinion, as I'm not a doctor, but it sounds pretty straightforward to me. Good luck.

  • Thanks Grf will know tomorrow😊. Thanks for the support

  • Sounds like sciatica to me. Not medically trained but experienced in sciatic pain😩

  • You say your Dr says you have no problem with your kidneys. I hope so. I am not sure, but, maybe it has something to do with your scoliosis(curvature of the spine). Is your spinal column all right? Is it without curvature? An x-ray prescribed by a neurosurgeon will show if your spine is all right. Any way, I have heard that we must be careful not to let our eGFR fall below 60. Kidney disease(60-15) can be tolerated, but, kidney failure(15-0) is intolerable, because it may, God forbid, culminate in dialysis or kidney transplantation. Remember that a proper diet and life-style can be helpful to prevent the aggravation of the kidney problem. A good dietician or nutritionist can recommend on a proper diet. I wish you health.

  • I had an exray already of the spine and it was fine. Trying to bring up my Grf to 60 or above. I am no way near kidney failure. I have list 22 lbs dice sept with another 20 to go. She said that was a big jump in 4

    Weeks and she wants me to try the treadmill tomorrow but to stay away from my free weights till my muscle sprain is better. Info not need a nutritionist as u managed to do in my own cutting out starches sweets bread and pasta but will have some on Christmas . She says we want to try to ruse a little higher. No high bp, diabetes or blood or protein in urine. She thinks my body was run down after surguery and I was dehydrated.

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