Whats wrong with me?

I could do with some advise please.

I was found to have protein in my urine and it was flagged to refer to nephology also a few blood tests were off. I tested positive to Cytoplasmic ANCA Screen and I also have MGUS which was diagnosed 4 weeks ago by a haematologist he discharged me back to my GP, no treatment, just watch and wait.

I had a clear scan on my kidneys only a small cyst and my GFR is 72 so not that bad, but I have pain in my kidneys 70% of the time, its a dull ache with an occasional sharp pain, my right one is worse. I have had this pain for the past 6 months and its getting worse.

I saw the nephologist last week, she had no idea what was wrong and just told me to take paracetamol (which doesn't touch the pain) and to come back in a couple of months. She said that the positive ANCA test meant I have an auto immune disease, but as I'm not ill and they don't know which one it is, so again watch and wait.

I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and the pain is 10 fold today. My skin on my face and head has also turned very spotty, which I think could be toxins in my system? (I'm just guessing)

Please can anyone advise me on what to do. I am going to phone the specialists secretary tomorrow but not sure what to ask them to do, but I cant go on like this.

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  • sounds complicated i wonder if you may allergic to something? i would deffinately see your gp today if you can gfr 73 should not cause toxins to be that bad! try & drink more water if you can it will help flush out the kidneys ask for another blood test as well i wonder if the cyst is causing the pain they can burst or get larger!

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