I have ckd stage 3b and found out in the summer that I have several small kidney stones, to-day I have been told I have a slightly raised calcium level in both my last two blood tests which may possibly mean I have hyperparathroidism and have been referred to an Endocrine clinic. This is completely new to me, is anyone else suffering with this and can anyone let me know what to expect at the clinic appoinment. Many thanks.

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  • My daughter-in-law has hypoparathyroidism following surgery for thyroid cancer. I know it is the opposite to you, so all I can advise is that you find someone who really knows the subject well. There are very few who specialise. She found only 2 nearby, one at Nottingham hospital and someone in Norfolk. I hope all goes well.

  • Thank you Nannybuttons for your reply, I have been referred to a hospital in Bristol, and am hoping for the best. I had a Burketts Lymphoma 17 years ago and it seems to have damaged my kidneys and because of this I think I have now developed this suspected hyperparathyroidism. As my calcium level is only a little above what it should be I am hoping they will not have to take any drastic action. Thank you for wishing me well and I hope your daughter-in-law is recovering from her thryroid cancer operation please do send her my best wishes and trust she will be make a complete recovery.

  • Milko -- Thank you for mentioning lymphoma. I was treated for lymphoma a year ago, but didn't realize it might affect my kidneys. I will mention my history of lymphoma to my doctor.

  • jaykay777 Thank you for your reply to my question I was sorry to hear that you had a lymphoma a year ago and I do hope you are now making good progress in your recovery. The Burketts Lymphoma I had was very close to my left kidney and I think that it was this that caused the damage to my kidneys function. I am not sure if you had your lymphoma elsewhere in your body that your kidneys would have been damaged, but if you are under your dr. for kidney problems and he/she does not know your medical history it may be worth mentioning it.

    All the very best

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