CKD stage 2

2months ago I went to see a Dr.cause I want to check creatinine level because I'm very worried about my microscopic hematuria since they scheduled my appointment quite long and I'm very worried about my kidney function.Dr told me the result is all normal,he said my kidney function very well so I was very relieve that time.then last night I was checking all my lab result then I decided to goggle what eGFR means and I'm very shock that I am stage 2 CKD the Dr didn't even know about this?.I am very upset cause if i didn't goggle it I would never know my situation until now.I am very worried have anxiety attack couldn't eat well,over thinking of everything,feel very weak,I don't know what's happening to me,I feel so alone,never told anyone even my family,it is very difficult for me emotionally and finacially since I'm working abroad far from my family, nobody to talk to,I think I'm going crazy now,I couldn't handle the stress anymore😢😭.I witness my family member figh to this disease in yeas and eventually lost and that's makes me more scared😭.

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  • I have just written the same to somebody else on here with Stage2. I and my boyfriend have Stage 2, and it is never mentioned at the doctor's surgery. They won't do anything until you are on your last knockings and need dialysis. Do your research and help yourself as the NHS won't. Change your diet and life-style and it will help. We don't worry about it, we just eat the best we can and keep the stress levels down. You will be ok. You need a friend and somebody to talk to, not to talk about your kidney situation but for life in general, can't you join a club/walking group go to church or something to make some friends, it is quite depressing to be alone, we all need friends particularly when we are low? Stop worrying, you will be ok.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you Margo😊.this is been one of the difficult time for me but I need to be strong things will get better I trust god,its my Kub ultrasound next week I hope the result will be on my side😊,

    this anxiety is killing me😢,I'm very glad that I found this thread I can express what I feel.

  • Don't be anxious Skylove that will make things worse, concentrate completely on a good diet knock of alcohol/caffeine/sugar that will make a good start.

    Also get your thyroid checked out, take a look at the thyroid site here, and see the connection with kidneys.

    Good luck!

  • Try not to worry about this, stage 2 here in the UK is not considered by the medics to be a problem. Indeed, even at stage 3, which my GP told me I have, is often considered within 'normal range'? He told me that it may never get any worse, in fact he said it can get better as the kidneys can self heal, which sort of happened after my last bloods test, the readings went up by a couple of percent. I should just treat this as a wake up call and start eating healthily, cut down salt, no NSAIDS, watch your weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, get 6 monthly blood tests to monitor the levels. You are actually quite lucky to get such an advanced warning as many fall to stage 4 before finding out about their CKD. 😊

  • Thank you jjlinden 😊,onother thing I worry about is the blood in urine (microscopic hematuria)

    I was scheduled kub ultrasound on July 29 I hope the result is normal not life threatening diseases I'm very scared right night,worrying everything lots of what if's in my head and I think that's the reason of my anxiety and stress,feeling weak this days 😭😭.

    .thank you again

  • Hi Skylove, have you been checked out with a urologist for your hematuria. I always show microscopic hematuria when I have a blood test but that is from years of suffering with chronic cystitis (although have to stress, that is what the consultant called it but I don't get any symptom other than passing blood when I have an attack).

    They to relax and stop stressing though as you will only make yourself worse and wait for the results of your ultrasound. Good luck. :-)

  • Thank you trf1960, yes last July 13 and she request an KUB ultrasound and that would be next week.I'm not passing visible blood although I feel a dull pain on my lower left side abdominal sometimes,I'm just only 28 female,I don't smoke or drink alcohol my bp is normal but I'm not sure about my blood sugar its been a year since the last time that I check for it but I'm sure I'm not diabetic.last time I went to A&E they have done a plain abdominal xray on my abdomen but the Dr said its normal and no stone that's why I'm really worried right now what if the hematuria cause of cancer?or life threatening disease? 😭😭😭

  • Hi Skylove

    Please do not be anxious. You just need to take a big breath and relax.

    a lot of people have microscopic haematuria. Not a mega problem.

    Stage 2 is really not a problem you just need to look after yourself. Eat healthily avoid red meat it is harder for the kidneys to deal with. Drink 2 litres of water, and get it up to 3 litres of water if you can. Follow the advice Jjlinden has given you. blood pressure is very important you need to keep it low so stop stressing!

    Stop all added salt, avoid all processed food and packaged ready meals. Do not take any anti-inflammatory drugs Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Diclofenac, Voltarol are just a few. Stick to Paracetamol if you need any pain control. Get plenty of exercise and stay fit become a kidney warrior!

    Please stay in contact we are here to support you

  • Thank you so much cmcginily, while reading all of your reply I can't help my self not to cry,its been very hard for me to be in this situation,almost 5 years ago I lost my husband to this disease(CKD) he died due to cardiac arrest because his kidney fail. seeing him dying inside the emergency room is a nightmare its still fresh to my mind until now,I'm only 28years old, a single mom I have 6years old son and I can't help my self thinking that if something happen to me he will be left alone no mother no father and it breaks my heart😢💔,.urrrrgggg I hate this feeling.

    Thank you again cmc god bless you ❤

  • Hi Sky love

    I am 58 ears old and in stage 3b I have poly cystic Kidney Disease I inherited this from my Father. the disease makes the kidney grow cysts and also the liver. I have very large kidneys and this causes pain but I still work as a nurse in a children's hospice. I go on three holidays a year to see the world and I do not let it control my life. You are young and healthy and this is just something that you have to manage if you follow the advice you have been given to stay healthy I am sure you will have a long and healthy life and see your son and grandchildren grow up. You have had a really hard journey so far but you cant deal with this and as I said we are all here to support you

    Best wishes Christine x

  • Hello Christine,got my result for my KUB ultrasound and its normal the urologist said that my urine culture and urinalysis is normal no infection but still a bit of microscopic hematuria but the only problem is my bladder did not function properly can't drain the urine inside so it become stagnant over time so she told me that that's the reason I have hematuria she gave me med for my bladder to make it relax and told me that I need to train my bladder to urinate properly and to drain the urine mormaly so that it wil go back to you have any suggestion of vitamin c that are kidney friendly?suitable for patient with CKD? Sorry forgot to ask her about this but she told me to take vitamin c and cranberry juice .tnx Christine

  • Hi Skylove

    That is great news that ultrasound is normal. I have found with emptying the bladder it is a good idea to pass urine as normal, then walk around for 3 -5 mins then empty bladder again. Sounds strange but it works for me!

    As for vitamin c you have to be careful as too much can cause kidney stones. Most experts recommend getting vitamin C from a diet high in fruits and vegetables rather than taking supplements. Fresh-squeezed orange juice or fresh-frozen concentrate is a better pick than ready-to-drink orange juice. The fresh juice contains more active vitamin C.

    Best wishes Christine x

  • Hi skylove!!

    I can understand ur feelings..when u see ur beloved ones dying wid same disease.ur suffring wid it makes so much harder to stay positive .i lost my mother n saw her going painful days in last few yrs wid her ... N now after few yrs after I'm diagnosed with same ckd... N wen i found out i felt same down alone!

    But eventually. I com over it! Watever is happening is going to happen evn if u worry or not but by keeping genral health good exercise plenty of water balanced kidney frndly food u can keep healthy decades. N decades



  • Hi there, I am stage 3 CKD at 37eGFR, and never knew until I was in that stage, but I was referred to a Nephrologist, my function when first finding out was approx 50eGFR and that was in 2012, however it eGFR can fluctuate daily. I am in the UK and long term high blood pressure is the cause of my CKD and also Reflux kidney, I have to keep an eye on my blood pressure with meds and take moderate exercise, do not add salt to foods and drink plenty of water, so currently my eGFR can vary from 37 to higher (eGFR). I take it then your not being referred to a neph as yet in stage 2 ?

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