My kidney function is hovering between 9-7% for the 12 months

Hi everyone it's nice to see all these ppl on here helping each other as least you don't feel alone.... I would just like to share my sidewith you all...I am 30 n unfortubarely am on the final stage of CKD my creatinine I am not sure exactly but it's around 400+... I suffere from high bp n anemia... After my two pregnancies my kidney function dropped rapidly after experience 7 months of unknown infections... My kidney function is going up and down from 9-7 varying each month.... I'm due to go on peritoneal dialysis... I haven't had the line put in yet but may be in the next two to three weeks... I would like to ask who ever experience this .. Is the procedure painful with the line been out into urs belly??? N also the PD is it uncomfortable while you sleep?? I am realky scared n honestly I do avoid asking the doctors questions mainly because I am scared of the response... N also because I'm finding it hard to face my problem... Much appreciated for ur replies !!

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  • my husband is on PD no the line is not painfull at all a bit sore at first as you would expect & being on PD is fine you don't feel any pain just follow what you are taught & you should get on fine with it although still tired we still go on holidays etc you just take your stuff with you so no need to be scared we've had some ups & downs but he said he would choose it over HD any day (no needles you see) good luck & if theres anything you want to know feel free to ask you should have a homecare nurse my husbands is fantastic you can ask her anything you should get the same they are there to help & in our case they do!

  • I was told I can't go on holiday anywhere coz I'm on the national doner list??

  • you can suspend yourself for however long you like if you need a break which i think you really do from time to time you don't lose points or anything i don't think they should tell you not to go anywhere as you could be waiting years you need a break occasionally as it helps you to cope with it all my hubby don't suspend himself as most of the time its within the traveling time they say ie we live in devon he's down for bristol so we go to cornwall ,midlands to see relatives & london, Bath etc it don't have to be far just a change!

  • Hi Mobeg.My gfr is currently at about 15.I was steady at between 25-30 for many years, but it is now dropping rapidly.I too have chosen the peritoneal route to go, and although I have not yet had the line put in, I have a good friend that has.When they put the line in, you can have the option of a general anaesthetic, or sedation and a local anaesthetic. My friend chose the local.He said the operation to fit the line was uncomfortable, but not painful,and although it was uncomfortable to sleep on it for the first night or two, now, he feels nothing and sleeps right through without being woken up.If you are unsure about the op, why not go for the general aanaesthetic. I personally will choose the local because I hate feeling g1roggy after a general.I hope this has been some use to you and I would love to know how you get on.Good luck.

  • Thank you both for the input very must appreciate it... I really hadn't given it any thought about the op...mainly because I'm scared and don't wanna face reality but thank you I will definitely think about it!! But I think I would feel better to go with the local so that I don't get put off of anything

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