My name is Sue & I work for M3 Global research

We are going to be conducting some PAID TELEPHONE INTERVIEWS WITH people with CKD at stages 3,4 or 5 - but NOT receiving dialysis - if possible


Anyone interested - please call me on

07932 997432

Many thanks for your time

Kind regards


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  • Hi curlysue...won't that be costly, an hour on a call to a mobile number from a landline? don't mean to be awkward, just asking.

  • Good point - why can't ppl just give you their phone numbers, with convenient times to call, and you ring them? Also, how will the money be paid, and what guarantees are there that money will be forthcoming after the interview?

  • we are a highly established market research company. I only need you to call me for 2 minutes to go through screening questions. the interview will be done by an interviewer who will CALL YOU.. You will be paid for taking part. I don't know what else to say. Look us up - M3 Global research

  • sounds like a scam to me.... call a mobile for an hour ? hello not stupid!

  • you are not being asked to call a mobile for 1 hour - just for 2 mins to ask qualifying questions. The interview will be done by a moderator who will call us & you get paid to take part!!!! It certainly is NOT A SCAM - regards sue

  • I didn't mean for the interview - just to go through screening questions - the interviewer will call you for the actual telephone interview & you will be paid £80 as a thank you

    I just wanted to ask a couple of questions - if you give me your number I will call you


  • Don't know if I can help much but prepared to try, will give you a ring with my home number shortly.

  • well i have done these serveys in the past,, with the promise off getting paid,, guess what no money forth coming ,, so is it a scam for your bank details ,

  • this is certainly NOT a scam as you put it - we are a bone fide Market research company - look us up - M3 Global research - you get paid for taking part - your choice

  • Never give out your personal or bank account details to anyone unless they are 100% legit !!!

  • we are not asking for anyone's bank details! this is a market research interview for which you will be paid

  • I would go further on this and advise everyone never, ever, to give your bank details online!!! Stop panicking! M3 Global research is not going to ask you for anything like that, I'm sure, and any help I can give them I will do, for money or not....I think it is a shame they have to offer money as an incentive for such important research. (polishing my halo now!)

  • This sounds like a perfectly OK research company. I have spoken to Sue and it does health research in a number of areas such as diabetes, dementia, kidney disease etc. I am willing to do anything which will promote research into CKD. Manon.

  • thank you - I appreciate your help - kind regards sue

  • Well said, Manon.....

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