Please help and advise me if you can. I have just had my second bout of UTI in 2 months of 2014. is there anything i can or docs do? thanks

i have iga nepuroprathy with gfr 90 stage 1. both cases of UTI i had +++blood and ++protein in both urine samples. currently taken 500mg amoxcillian for second bout. first time round i was kept in hospital and had saline and glucose pumped into me to help kill it.

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  • I would say, just keep drinking plenty to keep your kidneys flushed out. At Stage 1 the kidney function is normal, but may have some signs of a problem. So, eat healthily, drink plenty and exercise. If you have any signs of infection go straight back to the doctors and keep on top of it. Hope all goes well and you feel better soon.

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