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This Might be Important!


Dear All,

I have been 'on' Advagraf (Tacrolimus) since, July 2013, when I had My Transplant. I WAS aware that Grapefruit, and it's Juice, could Affect the Absorption Rate of this Drug. However today, I noticed, on the Pharmacy Sticker put onto my Latest Box it Reads 'Avoid eating Grapefruit, Pomegranate and Pomelo'.... now I DIDN'T know about those last Two, never Mentioned Before- as far as I recall, certainly Not in the Literature I was given.

My question, if it is a 'question', is this.... Is this 'Something' new or should I have already been 'Aware' of it?

Even if, like me, you have Never encountered this before- be Aware of it now.


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I had heard about pomegranate but not Pomelo! Thanks for posting this.

Grapefruit, pomegranate, pomelo, and also Seville orange(traditional marmalade)...I was told after transplant (2012), nothing new about these restrictions.

AndrewT in reply to kimmie55

'Seville' Oranges? I've never heard of THIS 'One' either.... Is it just Seville Oranges? What about other 'Orange' Fruit- Satsumas, Clementine's and the like?


kimmie55 in reply to AndrewT

Here’s what the NKF has on the website. However, no matter what you read, hear, or think always ask your tx team, nephrologist, etc about these things.

My transplant team gave me only one restriction, grapefruit in any form. My renal nutritionist explained to me that both grapefruit and pomegranate slow down the processing of the meds by the liver, making it potentially harder to keep the levels steady. Never heard about the others so thanks for calling our attention to the issue.

Hello Andrew,

I was made aware of Grapefruit/Blood Oranges/Pomegranates, never heard of clementines - after the transplant.

On snooping the web here is what I found on clementine oranges:

I will bring that up with my Post Transplant Nephrologist on the clementine issue. As per the paper the Tacrolimus levels rise. Thanks for creating an awareness !

I was only told about grapefruit by transplant in 2012

I just had Transplant 4 months ago. I was told to avoid - Pomegranate, Grape fruit and Star fruit

I was told about the grapefruit, pomegranate, no raw fish, sushi and if I eat any lunch meat it must be heated, and no queso fresco cheese, Brie, alfalfa sprouts, or radishes.

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