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Lab work during COVID-19


Am a transplant recipient and I do labs every 6 weeks. I would like to know if one has to wear any type of protected gear to have their lab work done. Thanks for your responses.

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I wear a mask, I try not to touch anything, and I use my hand sanitizer frequently.

I had my labs done most recently at a lab facility that I am familiar with. To help me with this outbreak , I selected a time where I know the facility will be low on volume . Fortunately, I go forty five minutes after opening time since I know everyone comes later in the day or right at the beginning. If you can schedule your labs, you will not have to wait. I kindly ask the technician to wipe off the lab chair and arm, so that I can proceed to sit down with my purse in my lap. She washes her hands and puts in the lab order. She proceeds to put on gloves for handing of my supplies and slowly draws my labs. Of course I have on a good mask covering my face with glasses on. I agree with the hand sanitizers , especially after she covers your site. On arrival home, remove your mask and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Hopefully , the tech will have a mask on as well to protect you.

I go early in the morning and wear a mask. With the outbreak of this virus my lab is doing maybe 1/3 of the business they used to do. I take my meds at 8 AM in the morning and was told not to take my Prograf until after the blood draw. I was also told to try and do my blood work within an hour of taking my first set of meds.

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You have to hold off med before the blood draw because they test your trough levels? That is the way I always do it.

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I think most of us wear a mask when we go out, especially to the lab. I have seen all kinds of homemade masks. I think the important thing is to be safe.

I typically get my labs done monthly but since all this started I haven't gotten them done. My doctor told me I have been stable and I shouldn't risk it. My labs are done at a hospital.

Last time I went for labs, I worse a cap, glasses, n95 mask, sun coat, rain coat (outerwear) covering me from head to knees, snowpants, and gloves. I took with me hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes (wiping my phone), and extra clothes to change in the car. I felt as if I could never be too careful during these times. Thankfully, I was the only one there at the time for labs - I went to a lab facility at Walgreens bc it's big and spacious. I tried to keep my distance Since, I havent looked at those clothes. Best wishes!!!

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You are very prepared!

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I'm paranoid over here..because some people don't believe that the covid virus exists.

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True, and sad!

I wore a mask and used hand sanitizer several times and touched nothing with my hands.

Call your coordinator you may be surprised, I was told if you are stable and feeling well which I am, to skip this month. I was surprised, but after thinking about it, I’m staying home and inside.

Thanks for your comments. They were all useful and I will now know how to proceed. Lets stay healthy and safe. God bless

I make my appointment for morning (which I have to anyways since it has to be 12 hours after I take the evening Tacrolimus). The good thing (for patients) now is that very few people come to get labs done so there are far fewer people. (less patients seeing doctors for non-urgent visits, and people in general want to stay home.). And it was comforting to get notifications from LabCorp that they had procedures in place to keep patients outside and call us in when it was our turn. As it turned out, no one in the wait room. Only one patient was exiting the building when I arrived. All the staff were wearing PPE and I was in and out. Very easy and safe.

I wear a musk for my protection but the lab does not have any requirements.

Yes. I believe that a mask is necessary. The lab I go to requires a mask and they do temperature checks before proceeding to the lab room. It is certainly in your best interest as your immune system is compromised due to the antirejection meds you are taking.

Yes wear your mask! My lab employees all wear masks and gloves

My local lab has a good process. You make a reservation online. You get a link, and you text them what you pull into the parking lot. They text you back when they are ready, then you are in and out. Of course you wear your mask, don't touch your face, and wash up when you get home. Pretty empty as well when I went, since I chose the first appointment of the day.

I go to a lab that requires an appointment. I wear a mask and wear something that will be washed soon. I wash hands frequently, touch surface with a tissue not my bare hands, and when I get home I throw everything I wore in the washing machine. It is not too bad as long as you are aware of your surroundings.

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