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Guidelings for transplant patients re: covid-19


I need guidelines for Coronavirus safety as a transplant patient. I live in my RV and do a lot of travel as I work for a Caravan company. Would it be better for me to find a place and stay put this season?

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Here are some answers to FAQs re COVID-19:

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Super helpful link, LisaSnow. Thank you so much.

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That’s a great resource. Thanks.

I’m looking for this but from the UK - not just to know what to do but as supporting evidence to show employers/schools etc regarding my daughter. So far we are just hearing that those with ‘underlying health issues’ are more at risk but nothing concrete about who they are or what extra measures they require.

Does anyone know if the uk have produced anything similar?


I have made it a point to restrict my dining out with friends. Until they can get a handle on this virus I don’t have a problem being a homebody. It’s all about contact in close quarters. The only problem is you have no vote if a person is sick as they may not show any symptoms. Wash your hands a lot more and don’t touch your face it shake hands.

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

How long ago was your transplant?

My transplant center sent out a letter saying to use common sense regarding the corona virus. Mentioned all of the things you should already be doing - washing your hands often, stay away from sick people that are coughing and sneezing, don't shake hands- take same precautions as you do with the flu. Said here in the US more than 18,000 have died from the flu. Same people that are at most at risk for the flu are also at risk for corona virus. Also said that press is not telling you how many get better after being positive for the corona virus.

Only you can make the decision to travel in your RV or not

I would be reluctant to fly on an airplane or take a cruise right now. However, that said, hope to do exactly that this summer. Hopefully, all this hype will end by summer when flu season usually ends. Hope this virus is similar.

I am 20 years post transplant.

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Thank you WYOAnne, for sharing your transplant center info. It really helped us. We’ve decided not to do the caravan with 60+ people but to travel to see friends and keep it slow and easy. We will stay in wide open spaces and in parks that don’t have parking lot style ‘camping’. I don’t have contact with my transplant team anymore - it’s been 30 years total and 19 years with my son’s kidney so we’re out of touch. Maybe I will contact them to check in. Thank you for your thoughts.

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I think everyone has to do what is best for them

Your plan sounds good to me, but what do I know.

I think if we all take the precautions we normally do in the midst of a bad flu season, I hope we will be OK.

Have fun in your RV! Sounds like a lot of fun. Come to WY - Tetons, Yellowstone and of course Devil's Tower.

Let me know where you are? Take care.....

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Thanks, WYOAnne! I’ll keep in touch for sure. We love our little RV and the life it affords us. WYO - Tetons and that area are so compelling.

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It’s getting pretty strange out there. We just read that all New Mexico State Parks will be closed through April effective immediately. We are living in our RV.

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