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I attend PT for vertigo. One of the employees thinks she has covid. She is currently home awaiting results. She can't smell or taste and is sick. I am worried. This on top of what's already going on is just too much. I've been so careful, haven't gone to the pharmacy, the grocery store, been in crowds or done anything except go to doctor's appointments. Otherwise, I've been home. I call every day to find out how she is and if the results are back. She's always worn her mask, but has been close to me when we were doing some exercises and actually touched me during a couple exercises for balance to stabilize me. So, I hope she doesn't have it. If she does have it, the center will notify all the patients in order for them to get tested if they want to. Be careful out there.

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Well, the employee's positive for Covid. She went to a party on the lake and that's most likely where she got it. It annoys me because she has a responsibility to protect her patients from things like this.

LisaSnow in reply to Kidney1982

Wow I am so sorry to hear that. Please get yourself tested and quarantined. I have a feeling that you didn't get it but it's better to be safe. Have you gotten tested?

Kidney1982 in reply to LisaSnow

Not yet.

How long ago was it that you had contact with her? Most people who contract the virus and become ill will develop symptoms within about 5 days.

3 days ago.

You should do what's recommended regarding testing and self-quarantine, but if after two more days you are without symptoms you are probably not going to get sick yourself.

I not going anyplace this weekend and wearing my mask around my husband and cat. I isolate myself as much as possible now, so it's not much different than what I usually do. If I have any kind of symptom I will get tested Monday. The transplant clinic is closed today, so I'll probably call them Monday to see what they think I should do.

How are you?

Things are good. I'm not sick. I'm getting tested today just in case. My next appointment with Nephrology is a phone appointment at the end of the month. They didn't order blood which is odd since the last three tests came out problematic. I called them to find out if I could get blood drawn. I don't understand why they can't get it together.

I'm very happy that you are not sick.


I got tested at my primary doc and do not have covid-19.

Great news.

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