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Has anyone had parathyroid surgery post kidney transplant?


I have hypercalcemia resulting from hyperparathyroidism and was wondering if anyone has had parathyroid surgery. I have been considering surgery but would first love to know others experiences.

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I was on track for parathyroid surgery before transplant but when kidney transplant came up that was more important. Since transplant, I have not had any problems.

Gremie in reply to Dara3351

I had pre-transplant parathyroid surgery, which went well and slowed down damage to my original kidneys by years. Of the four parathyroids , one needed to be removed. I am a bit confused by your situation. If your parathyroid(s) was bad, wouldn’t it still be pumping too much calcium into your body, irrespective of transplant?

TmWeed in reply to Dara3351

Thanks for replying

My doctor has prescribed cinacalcet for high PTH and it is working for me.

TmWeed in reply to ashok5085

Thank you for that info

Mary928 in reply to ashok5085

I’m taking the same med

TmWeed in reply to Mary928

For how long? Have you had a transplant?

I did last summer (18 years post transplant). Go to a specialty surgeon that does these frequently—outcomes are near 100% successful when you do. I went to UCLA for mine. You’ll be sore at first and need to take calcium supplements, but really not a big deal. Don’t go to a general surgeon.

TmWeed in reply to ericgoodman

Thank you for that information

TmWeed in reply to ericgoodman

Were you on medication for hypercalcemia before surgery? How many glands did they remove?

ericgoodman in reply to TmWeed

No meds for hypercalcemia prior. I pushed to have the surgery fairly quickly after diagnosis. They removed 3/4, which is more than typical.

I had 3 parathyroid glands removed in 2018 because I had osteoporosis and my parathyroid levels were high. My calcium level is normal now and I eat cheese every day to keep it from going too low.

TmWeed in reply to anne627

Thank you for your reply

There is an excellent parathyroid clinic at Tampa General Hospital. Their website is parathyroid.com. Consult with them, they are wonderful. I've had 2 parathyroidectomies, 35 yrs apart. The second surgery was a breeze, outpatient, quick, relatively painless. If you need the surgery, you will feel much, much better afterward.

TmWeed in reply to beth8366

How soon after transplant was your first surgery?

Both were before my transplant, the latest one was in 2016. I was transplanted 7 months ago.

I get my parathyroid checked periodically. I am the one through my research first brought it up to my nephrologist. It’s funny because tonight I met a nurse who had two removed... will definitely ask for another check on my next set of labs

Yes! Had parathyroidectomy in 2014, after first transplant in 1998. Very straightforward surgery, no pain (.seriously, and I am a wimp!), scar is very fine and is in one of those two natural creases in the neck, so no-one can tell. Back to work a week later- this was around Halloween and I had no covering on my neck scar!

TmWeed in reply to JackieShan

How many glands were removed?

They thought that 2 had been removed, but one turned out to be a lymph node - so just one gland was removed. My understanding is that the surgeon has to look around to find, and remove, enlarged glands. My sister had 3 removed around the same time, but she is not a transplant recipient.

TmWeed in reply to JackieShan

Does she need to supplement with calcium?

JackieShan in reply to TmWeed

No, neither of us do. In each case, the parathyroidectomy brought serum calcium into the correct range.

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