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I'm a three time kidney transplant recipient. I was hospitalized and diagnosed with ESRD as an otherwise healthy 21 year old (no known cause). I I was on dialysis (hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis) briefly before my first transplant four months later. Four months after that, my transplanted kidney was removed because of a neurofibroma growing on it. I was back on dialysis for another year, waiting for a kidney. We had hopes for a quick transplant from an aunt until a last minute positive cross-match. My second transplant (from an unrelated living donor) lasted 14 years when chronic kidney failure put me back on dialysis. I was due for a transplant after about 8 months when we had ANOTHER last minute positive cross-match - that set me back. I finally had my third transplant in June of 2016, and (after some surgical complications) I've been healthy since. I'm interested in sharing and listening stories related to this insane journey. I've dealt with all kinds of rare and strange kidney issues, including skin warts after transplant, CMV, inguinal hernia, renal cell carcinoma in my failed kidneys (unrelated to my initial kidney failure!), two nephrectomies, anemia, and the indescribable isolation of having a chronic illness as a young person. I look forward to connecting!

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Wow, Kevin. You've been through so much. Makes me scared to have a transplant, but must go forward. Are you feeling great now? I pray for the best life for you!

You are quite a fighter! I’m curious, how old are you now? I hope all you described occurred over a long period. Otherwise, you aren’t just a fighter, you are a warrior.

Gee you have been through hell! I pray this transplant lasts forever with no setbacks or complications! After reading your story, I’m so thankful that everything is going well for me.😊


Kevin, I am so sorry you’ be been through so many tough times. I got my transplant 6 months ago and had complications, but my kidney, so far, is doing great. It was a five month struggle to heal from the surgery I had for an abscess in my abdomen. I just completely healed after my shower this morning. If you know how to communicate privately on this website, you’re welcome to contact me. I would love to b praying for you and offer you support!

Hey friends! I do feel great now - some of that madness happened in quick succession, but I also had long breaks where my life was pretty normal. I have to add, for an wild as my story sounds, I don't ever want to trade it for anything. I wouldn't switch spots with just about anyone, including those living "normal," "healthy" lives. Transplants are a wonderful opportunity if they are an option. My life is exponentially better after my transplants, every time, even knowing that a transplant is a treatment, not a cure. In that sense, hope is a fraught and necessary exercise, always. I'm eager to join the community here to listen to and share more stories.

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