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ESRD Patient - New Here

Hello, I am new here and I'd like to share my story. My name is Kat & I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 4 at the age of 27. My condition eventually got worse and my doctor then diagnosed me with ESRD. A few months later I was able to get on the kidney transplant list. I've had potential live donors but people tend to back out thinking being a donor is hard, when really the recipient has it harder. It's been a rough year trying to keep stay healthy but this has been a big lifestyle change for me. I am still in need of a donor. My blood type is A+ for those who are donors. Thank you.

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Get yourself on a donor list, I was in dialisys for 3 yrs.and I had my transplant 3 yrs.ago from a cadaver and every thing it's been wonderful.

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