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Living Donor several years post op out there?


Anyone here several years post-op as a donor? I am considering donating a kidney if I qualify. I would love to hear from donors how they do overall long term. Thank you so much.

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marcycNKF Peer Mentor

I donated in 2015. No problems at all. Thank you for your consideration to be a donor. You would truly be saving a life. The potential donor has a medical team separate from the potential recipient. The donor teams job is to make certain that you are healthy enough to become a donor. You would have many tests to assure your safety. Also a social worker. If you donate you would have follow up care for two years at the center and then follow up with your family doctor each year. Ask any specific questions. Thanks

I am slated to donate in December. I have spoken to many who have donated. Some recent others 9 years ago. All have no issues what so ever. Only one person had some minor issues after surgery which caused him to have a bit longer hospital stay and a bit longer recovery. All the rest were out of the hospital in 3 days and back to work two to three weeks after surgery. Best of luck on your journey.

Are you donating for someone? I would love it if you could donate for my husband. Even if you wouldn't be a match, he would still get a kidney. Please let me know your thoughts

So generous of you. My husband is in need of a kidney and is on dialysis. You truly are saving a life. IF you want to do it in his name that would be awesome too!

I've had three (!) donors in my life, two over 15 years ago. All three are doing great. Thank you for considering being a donor. The screening process prevents anyone with a health condition of nay kind from donating - donors tend to live longer than non-donors for this reason! Good luck with your decision - it is a profound, life-changing gift for you and your recipient!

My husband received his 1st kidney transplant from him sister 16 years and my sister-in-law (his 1st donor) has had no kidney donation related issues. She was my inspiration, as I donated my kidney to my husband in August:) I'm happy to offer any recommendations or words of wisdom from my experience. What I will tell you is that I would donate another if I had one to!

tracybw in reply to alimesoda

I would love any words of wisdom...our 25 year old son is strongly considering donating and I'm worried despite all the data that indicates I should feel otherwise. Thank you!

I donated my kidney 11 years ago. I'm healthier today because of the donation. During my testing it was discovered that I was pre-diabetic and was rejected as a donor. After changing my diet and focusing on my health I was able to re-test a few months later and become a donor. I continue to lead a healthier lifestyle because of going through this process and also stay involved as a kidney peer mentor by helping with education classes for potential donors and visiting dialysis centers.

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I donated in 2004 anonymously and I am so happy I did. My family and friends struggled to understand my decision and were initially difficult to deal with but eventually they acknowledged it was my choice and in the end they are happy for me. I struggled with the impact on my health initially (I was 24 years old upon donation) so I had to work through my limitations and frankly the mental aspects which were unpredicted before going in.

Today I am pretty healthy and take good care of myself. I love knowing that I made a difference for someone and though I was an anonymous donor I eventually met the recipient and feel a sense of accomplishment that the choice I made positively impacted his life. We do not have contact any longer as I think life progresses in that way but I think of him often when I see my scar and hope my choice mattered.

There is no right or wrong answer but do what YOU feel is right. God speed!

tracybw in reply to Hidden

I'm so glad you're doing well and am happy with your decision. My son is 25 and is considering donating. I'd be so grateful if you could look back and share any of your post-donation struggles and/or anything you wish you'd known at the time.

Bless you for even deciding to be a donor! You are far above the rest of people who choose not to. It is totally your choice, and your choosing to help other to live!

I have never heard anything from any donor about anything negative. Oh, one donor got a little constipated from the pain meds. Besides soreness for 1 week, no heavy lifting for 6 weeks, there is nothing to worry about. Its just scary initially with all the tests.

If you want to donate to a stranger, consider the national kidney registry. If you donate in lieu of a person who needs a kidney you get a voucher for a kidney if you ever need one in the future. If you would like to consider donating a kidney in my name, it doesn't matter if we don't match, I get a voucher for the next matching kidney, and you get a voucher if you ever need one;) I am registered at the national kidney registry through UCSD. My name is Margaret Chruszch I am A blood type. . Donors who want to donate a kidney, can donate their kidney anywhere but in my behalf. -That is if they want to donate a kidney and don't have anyone lined up already.

Check out kidney

Bless you for donating!! You are a real angel!


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