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Kidney Transplant
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Transplant Recipient from 1999

Hello all... I had a kidney transplant in 1999 (living related donor). 18 years later, it looks like its starting to teeter. Many people are volunteering to be tested to be donors (the outpouring is really very moving), but we are not yet close enough to have to pull any triggers just yet: keep BP and Glucose very low, hold out as long as we can (years and years, probably/possibly), and monitor blood chemistry closely. Fingers crossed.

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Best of luck!


God bless, I hope it holds out. You can have those people tested if you have insurance and be ready so that when it goes you are all set. You are blessed to get 18 years, but be prepared so when it does go you can skip the dialysis.

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I'm CKD4. R ureter/kidney removed in 2016 due to cancer directly related to bladder cancer, but I like to keep ahead of the knowledge curve because I am at higher risk for my L ureter and kidney developing transitional cell carcinoma. I'm 78 with Original Medicare, plus so called "Medigap" insurance. I understand that both the recipient and potential live donors must be screened and approved by a transplant center before an exchange can take place. Does the recipient's insurance usually pay for the testing of live donors?


Yes and Medicare will pay to have the recipients tested


I received my kidney in 2009 from a deceased donor, and I too am teetering on the edge of kidney failure: eGFR of 15; creatinine 4.0. However, I've been holding steady for many months now. I am feeling fine, so everything is good for now. I am just working to keep my kidney at this level. I'm hoping I can keep this going for a couple of years, who knows, maybe more.


Good luck God Bless and let's hope that kidney gives you life for a few more years


Prayers for you! You must have taken really good care of that gift of a donated kidney! Good indication of future success.


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