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Kidney Transplant
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Hi All, I’m new to this site. I’m 12 yrs post transplant and doing well. I received my Kidney from my husband who is my hero & blessed to have him in my life. I was on dialysis for 8 yrs which wasn’t the best thing I ever had to do but it keep me alive & it taught me a lot. Now my dad is on dialysis so with the experience I had I’m able to explain and try to make things seem a little easier. I hope that being on this site I’m able to help someone or for someone to help me or answer questions I may have. 😀🙏

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Welcome to the group. I think your past experiences good or bad will be an asset while your Dad is on treatment. Congrats on your transplant and kudos to your husband for his selflessness in sharing with you!!! 😇


Thank you !!! ❤️

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best wishes. I mainly suffer from cough & cold, indigestion, backache etc. kindly help me in this regard.


hi ! I am new to all. keep in touch please.


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