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Kidney Transplant
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Transplant recipient

Hi, I am a transplant recipient since 2015. I was extremely fortunate because I got the transplant before dialysis. The first year was a bit challenging but am now doing really well. I have a good support of family and friends as well as my medical team. I am very grateful for this and continue to give thanks.

Hope to be online with this community as often as I can. Blessings

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Welcome aboard. Can you tell us more about the challenges during your first year? I had my transplant 6 days ago!


Hi! Welcome to the community!

I, too was extremely fortunate to receive my kidney transplant before dialysis. Good to hear you are doing well! I am almost 6 months post and for the most part everything has been going really well. My struggles so far have been with the side effects of the meds, but it is getting better the farther out I am and closer to finding my maintenance dose.


Thank you! Best of luck! πŸŽ‰


I had to stop Prograf and go to Sirilimus. I am doing better.


Congrats! I received a deceased donor transplant in December 2015. Prior to that I was on dialysis for a year. Both HD & PD. Was a long year! I am doing well too. I had rejection at 4 months but meds fixed that. Had E coli last summer that was miserable. Meds can be a challenge I agree. But, so so so much better than dialysis! Almost 2 years. Yay!

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My story is identical to yours as you wrote it. I am also very grateful for the mother of my donor.


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