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Kidney Donation
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Kidneys kidneys kidneys kidneys

I was diagnosed when I was 2. Started dialysis when I was 12 had my first kidney transplant at 13. I have had a total of 4 kidney transplants and have been on dialysis before and after all my kidney transplants. 2 cadavers and 2 family members. My life and my health is complicated. But I feel blessed. I've been married 2 times and have no children. There is a lot of in between my story but thought I'd cut it short.

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I can only relate to ESRD from the point of view as the home caregiver to my husband, and it was difficult watching him struggle on PD and HD until the transplant, but from what I do know, I admire your courage. The fact that you're in this group and posting about your experiences says a great deal about your strength and tenacity.

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