Blessed to be a living donor!

Blessed to be a living donor!

Hi! I’m new here..donated a kidney to my dear friend Monica in 2016 at Froedtert Hospital in the Milwaukee area. We are of different races and blood types (I’m A, she’s O), yet we’re able to do a direct donation. We are both doing great, and Monica truly looks younger and better than I’ve seen her in our 8 years of friendship.

I also happen to be a dialysis dietitian here in the Milwaukee area. Working with this special patient population is what inspired me to jump in and do this. It feels great to have helped someone get off dialysis.

Monica and I LOVE to tell our story, so that we can help to give inspiration to future donors and hope to future recipients!

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  • Hello Monica

    I am so happy for you and your friend! I gave my husband a kidney in 2011 and know the wonderful feelings you both are experiencing. Such wonderful news that the operation could be done with 2 different blood types A and O!!! Best of luck to you both.


  • Hello Monica,

    This is such an amazing story! Thank You for sharing it!

  • Thank you so much! Actually, Monica is the recipient and I (Karen) am the donor. Nice to connect with other donors on this site! We are sort of a family! 😊

  • Welcome to the team! I am a living donor as well. Your gift of life I’d truly appreciated!

  • Hello - did you or Monica need any special process to allow you (Type A )to give to a person with type O blood? I have heard of a process called "plasmapheresis". Did you have that process?


  • Actually, Monica (the recipient) underwent several plasmapheresis treatments both before and after the surgery. Her antibody levels are good now and she shouldn’t need any more of these treatments.

  • So glad to hear the treatments worked well for Monica. I wish you both the best.

  • Oh,I guess I did respond earlier, sorry!

  • Hi Sulyn, Sorry for my late response. Monica, the kidney recipient, had several plasmapheresis treatments before and after the transplant. She should not need any more. Best wishes!

  • Thank you Karen.

  • Monica, I will be celebrating my 2nd kidneyversary Nov 4. I received my “my little buddy” from a gal from Appleton, WI and transplanted at Froedtert. Great hospital; excellent care. My altruistic donor and I met on So, I tell other Wisconsin folks ... I’m now part of you. We spent 3.5 months in the area in recovery as was demanded by my transplant dr. Best of luck & prayers to you both.

  • What a blessing you are and saved a life THANK YOU

  • Thank you! I wish you all the best in your search!

  • Thank you. I love hearing these inspirational stories

  • There are so many great stories out there, and more happening all the time. Praying that yours comes soon! God bless and keep you!