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Have been on dialysis!!


I have been on dialysis for over an year and have seen really tough times. maintaining intake, nausea. bp drop has been very common. I would like to answer any queries related to dialysis

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So after a year, have these issues resolved themselves? Has it become a routine in your life? Do you have days with full energy?

yes i was actively looking for a transplant and after all d procedures got one from my mother. but during dialysis u need to eat something to keep ur bp from dropping,control your water intake, avoid oily food.. yes i did have bad days but u need to involve yourself in some or the other routine activity. keep urself buzy

God bless your mother for giving the gift of life! I am working hard at eating properly and trying to drink 32 ounces a day (very difficult!). Hoping I will blessed someday with a kidney transplant! Best wishes!

yes you will be. to fight the fight with a smile is tough but v all r warriors

Hi my name is Dave two years you’re just the beginning I was on dialysis for seven years before I got a transplant if you need any questions asked send them my way 😝

I have a transplant evaluation coming up. What should I expect??

a lot of screening. blood,urine,sonographies.bt stay tight its all for ur good to gt evaluated thoroughly. and also if u r on dialysis u will continue to do so.

Thanks! I am on dialysis! M-W-F

Hi just take it in stride,there’s a ot going on but it’s just another step closer to a healthy life🙏My life litter.y changed over night wellafter a few months of recouvery be patient and think positive.good luck my prayers are with you🙏😝if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate 😝

hey Gotthecall_123 : hows ur creatnin level now?? n do u take supplements for Hb??

Hi it is 93 did lads 2 weeks ago HB?

u mean .93..thats great.. what do u do otherwise?? how about ur diet

Hi well I was told I could pretty much eat what I want with common sense and moderation😝the renaldoet is very different than post transplant diet there really isn’t a diet just avoid high sodium foods and moderation it’s great I can eat whatever I want I read labels anythinwith high sodium I don’t eat 😝

great to know.. how long since ur transplant?? n if u dont mind who gave u the kidney?? n does ur critenian fluctuate.. if yes, how often.. do u eat outside??? wat points do u keep while ordering

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