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Only been on hemo for 4 months but it's been an extremely taxing experience, and to think, this is my life from now on terrifies me. I cant tell if its even actually making me better. The fatigue is so bad there are days I dont even make it to the shower. I've been having problems with the staff at my treatment center and I'm even a little afraid of some of them. The anxiety of having to go do dialysis is starting to make want to consider Pd, but my living situation dosen't really allow for it! The stress is just getting to me. Im so upset, confused, angry, emotional, and depressed! No one prepared me for this mentally, and I dont know if Im strong enough to keep fighting!!!!!!! Really though, Im mostly just terrified!!

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Hello! I did hemo for 2 months before switching to PD, and I'm sorry that you feel so discouraged with dialysis. As you probably know, hemo is turbo dialysis and can send your body into a state of disequilibrium. I had this problem for the entire time I was on hemo and it was awful. How does your living situation not allow for PD(if you don't mind me asking?) Have you talked to your nephrologist about your concerns and issues? I recommend that you bring this to their attention so that they can better your time on dialysis. Also, are you not a candidate for transplant? I'm sorry to be asking so many questions, but I feel that a little more context would be helpful to be of any help to you! I personally see a mental health specialist as well, so maybe you would benefit from this as well? It's also important to note that it takes a lot of time for the body to adjust to such a drastic change, so you may still be in the transition period, or need to change treatments to better your quality of life. I know that it's scary and a terrible place to be in, but you can do this!

Please keep posted and good luck!

Hi Ralph my name is Dave I was on diaylises for7 years 3 on PD and4 on Hemo! I was ok on PD doing at home would hook up at bed time and dialise while I slept but that realy effect my sleep and My anxiety so I went to my GP He sent me to a therapist who recoded some anxiety meds they realy helpe! I felt like You! Is this what the rest of my life is going to be? And I said NO! So I told my nurse whatever I have to do to get on the list I’ll do! I had so many different appointments I was busy every day of the week and I learned a littel trick that got me through, I would take some time on a off day and RESET my mind! Just by thinking to my self keep fighting one day it will all be worth it!while relaxing as much as possible! Took me 7 years but I finally made the list! The reason took so long because I had other health issues besides dialysis So2months after making the list I got the call and5 months ago i’ve got my transplant it’s a life-changing experience I can’t believe it I feel great so never give up The harder things get the harder you fight I hope this helps you in someway and good luck


I have been there before brother and am currently there again! Do you have a transplant option? Keep your head up and I always like to try and remember that it’s better than being dead! Try to keep the positive vibes up and look around you for all the other things to be grateful for! You can do it and your going to make it! We all have to be warriors on dialysis, which I see as a character and strength builder! Remember when you are a dialysis patient it takes more to do everything, and that will make you better person in the end! Keep fighting friend!

Hi I felt the same way when on dialyses figured I’d never get out alive. But the worst thing got the harder I fought, plus I’m a stubborn bartered, one of my sayings was kidney disease ain’t going put me down!! You asked do I have a transplant option? What do u mean? Keep up a strong fight you’ll beat this🙏🙏

When I first started Hemo, I was like that too. then I realized I got to control the amount of food that I ate. The less I ate the less the machine pulled, then I won't have much of an aftermath discomfort.

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