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Kidney Dialysis
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Dual organ transplant better than one?

we've heard that, since he is diabetic, he might get a kidney transplant sooner if he gets on the list for both a pancreas and a kidney transplant. Is that true? Has anyone experienced that?

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Doing both is rare and therefore in the uk only a few centres do it. It is more risky and more painful. Good luck


In the uk its much more likely that double transplantees have to wait longer as fewer people have both organs good enough to transplant and less can be done to improve the match.

In addition fewer units do both you need ae there is lower need.


That's the part we didn't think about. Balancing Diabetes and dialysis is so difficult--helping one often means hurting the other. Thanks for making me think about the drawbacks. I appreciate it!


Most of those with diabeties I know only get kidneys and are stuck with the diabeties.


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