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Protein in urine


I have a question for people who are consistently having protein in their urine. This would be more accurate if it’s men. I want to know if you are having bubbly urine when your pee hits the toilet and rolls into the water and is it bubbly when peeing directly into the water bowl? This would be helpful because I am not getting much help from the doctor.

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Proteinuria is a problem and can lead to serious issues. If the doctor you see isn't much help and if it's a PCP, then may I suggest you see a urologist or a nephrologist, preferably both if you've been diagnosed with CKD. There is a great article about this on Once there search proteinuria and bring the symptoms you have to share them with the specialist.

Best of luck.

userotc in reply to Mr_Kidney

Doesnt it depend on the level of urinary protein and dont most/all with CKD have some?

My mum's total protein is <0.1g/l, protein/creatinine 18.6 and UACR ~9, latest readings. Whilst we are concerned at an increasing trend eg 50% protein increase in past 4yrs, its far below the upper limit Her nephrologist is unconcerned (stating protein/creatinine of 50 is OK!), - but we are seeking to reverse the trend.

Mr_Kidney in reply to userotc

I think you answered your own question. The amount of protein in the urine is a question for a competent urologist and/or nephrologist to determine based on the level of functioning of the kidneys. Bubbles in the urine is not the concern as much as the protein clearance of the kidneys. A strong stream while urinating can cause bubbles to occur. That's why each blood lab from a knowledgeable nephrologist and a competent urologist will always be evaluated and by full lab work and not just the office "dipstick" reading.

Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Mr_Kidney


Bubbles would be normal if you pee directly into the water....they should then dissolve within a few be sure just urinate against the side of the bowl, that way you will know

So if it’s protein it shouldn’t be bubbles if I pee against the side of the bowl?

rabbit01 in reply to Jason2233

Yes you are correct. Believe me you will know if you have protein in your urine as it foams up like a bubble bath and in extreme cases some may still remain in the loo even after you flush. I agree with Mr_Kidney. Proteinuria is bad news and it's a vicious circle as the more protein in your pee then the more damage to your kidneys. My doctor did nothing about trying to reduce it simply because he was useless. I am on dialysis now but I am convinced it could have been delayed if they had of acted sooner and I knew then what I know now!

Female but still have bubbles. My Nephrologist goes by my urine test for protein in urine. (Not toilet bubbles) Sometimes its from too much animal protien and sometimes your kidneys can't filter it. Go to a urolgist to rule some things out. Stick with your Drs recommendation on the amount of protein you are allowed. Also drink as much water as you are allowed. That's all you can really do.

So do you have protein in urine or just bubbles?

Both and CKD.


Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to itzmich


Much agreed as one sign does not make a problem.

My nephrologist and PCP go by the ACR and lab tests rather than observation as well. Thanks for the backup.


Wanted to add....weight loss if needed. And blood pressure meds if needed......can help.

Take ACE or ARB if you having Proteinuria.Engage in physical activities.

Proteinuria is usually the first symptom of CKD if it persist for a long time.

But not all foamy urine is Proteinuria.

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