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About the Covid Vaccine


Has anyone gotten the Vaccine with CKD? Were their any side effects?

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I've had both of my Pfizer shots. Not any problem with the site of the injection and no reaction after the fact. Before I signed up for the shot I spoke to my nephrologist, PCP, and cardiologist and received their okay for getting the shot. Because of the number of folks who are still skeptical about the shot, wearing a face mask, and social distancing are still required unless you know that the folks you are with have also been fully vaccinated as well.I'm already planning my next RV trip sometime this fall.

Sathya77 in reply to Mr_Kidney

Thank you for replying! Yes I am a little hesitant. I am healing my Kidneys and using holistic methods. The Vaccine is not quite holistic but it seems to be extremely useful for especially Kidney Patients. Getting the Covid would be 100 times worst! Would you agree?

Mr_Kidney in reply to Sathya77

I agree with the medical professionals who have stated it's safe. My doctors and the ones overseeing the pandemic and the vaccine implementation.

Sathya77 in reply to Mr_Kidney


userotc in reply to Mr_Kidney

Presumably you realise that there is still a small risk following vaccination as it is not 100% effective? Hence why "non-pharma" interventions including those you've listed are still recommended for all.

BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

I have had two Moderna. And I take a biologic which lowers my immunity so I was a but worried The first shot my arm ached for 24 hours and then nothing. The second shot, I was a bit wonky and tired but by 48 hours nothing. Easy peasy.


Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Bassetmommer

You're correct. Easy peasy. My husband got his first Pfizer shot on Friday. A bit of soreness at the injection site.

Bet117NKF Ambassador

I have had both of my Pfizer shots. Same reactions after both injections. A bizarre nausea about 2 hours after the injection but nothing that a bit of ginger ale didn't handle - no effect on my appetite or ability to eat. Soreness at the injection site which began hours after and lasted 24 hours.

Actual injection was easier than a flu shot.

My brother took the Pfizer injections at the same time as I did.

He is a severe diabetic with Polycythemia vera and just had soreness at the injection site.

Bear in mind that everyone responds differently.

Both of my brother and myself checked with our doctors before we took the vaccine - if in doubt, give your doctor a call.

All will be good!

Sathya77 in reply to Bet117

Thank you!🌹😊

I had my first shot - Pfizer. Just a slightly aching arm for a day. Second shot due next month.


Bet117NKF Ambassador

It will all be good! 🌞🌷

Well I can tell you I had Covid last July and it was not fun. Have had both shots . 1 before my transplant and 1 after. First one I had a sore arm, second not even that. I have antibodies coming out my ears! Now my husband was not as lucky. He was sick for a day after both shots!

Bet117NKF Ambassador in reply to Bunkin

Bunkin, Please take care of yourself and your husband.

Thoughts go with you.


bubbles53 in reply to Bunkin

I hag my second moderna shot yesterday. Woke up this AM and felt like i had been kicked down a flight of stairs , everything hurt including a headache mild nausea, slept most of the day and now at 9 PM beginning to feel better. Not much of an appetite. I would tell everyone to be vaccinated . Even if you have a reaction like mine its all very much worth it in the long run.

Bunkin in reply to bubbles53

My husband had that reaction!

LeicaLux in reply to Bunkin

If you don't mind my asking, is your husband on any immunosuppressants? They say a strong reaction is a sign that you're creating a lot of antibodies, and I'm looking for some evidence of immunocompromised folks who have had strong reactions.

Bunkin in reply to LeicaLux

No my husband is not on anything. I was told because I was immunocompromised I wouldn’t have a bad reaction and I didn’t. I had antibodies before I got the shit because I had Covid last July and was in hospital. Now the shot has just added to that because the doctor said I have so many I’ll never get it again. So having Covid before my transplant was actually a blessing!

Just a nasty sore shoulder for a day and a touch of tiredness. Never even felt the needle go in.

I have had both vaccines and am now three weeks out. I got Pfizer. Before getting the vaccines, I checked with my PCP, Nephrologist, Oncologist and transplant medical center. All urged me to get the vaccine ASAP!!! Sore arm for a day or two, but no other side effects.

My husband is on dialysis and received the Moderna vaccine and had no side effects at all other than a sore arm. I received the Pfizer vaccine and had no side effects other than a very mild sore arm with the first shot but had a very sore swollen lymph node in my armpit with the second dose. That disappeared after a week. It's not that unusual for vaccines to do that apparently; it's simply a sign that the vaccine is effective. Just wish I'd been told.

Please take a moment to review the Johns Hopkins study, especially for those that received a donor organ. Only 17% had produced antibodies after the 1st dose. Those on metabolites had the worse response. Please don’t assume just because you got the vaccine that you’re safe as the general population. I am a participant in the study and 1 month after my second dose there were no detectable antibodies.


Johns Hopkins expects to release the results from 1 month test results in 6 to 8 weeks. They are planning to expand the study to see if a 3rd dose acts like a booster (which I received yesterday), deep dive to see if even no antibodies were produced did the body create memory B and T cells, and at some point study the effectiveness of the J&J vaccine.

Bunkin in reply to CNeb

I did get antibodies.

CNeb in reply to Bunkin

That’s great to hear. Unfortunately for myself 1 month after my second dose, no antibodies were detected. Hoping this 3rd dose I just received shows a response. I will be doing a home blood collection in two weeks to see if a response was achieved.

LeicaLux in reply to Bunkin

Do you mind if I ask, what immunosuppressant are you on? trying to gather some evidence as to whether or not I might develop antibodies, and I'm on tacrolimus.

Bunkin in reply to LeicaLux

I’m on Tacrimus, Cellcept and prednisone

I just completed my second shot of Moderna. The only side effect was a little arm painand I was tired the day after. I would not wait to get the vaccine.

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

Keep in mind that COVID is far worse than any side effect of the vaccine. The stats are out there that if you get COVID with CKD, 1 of 4 will wind up in the hospital and die. 1 out of 5 that have had a transplant and get COVID will wind up in the hospital and die.Those stats really scare me!!! I am a transplant recipient and have received both of my Moderna vaccine injections. Had fever and a headache after 2nd injections for about 36 hours then fine.

If you have questions regarding the vaccine, make sure you talk it over with your nephrologist.

Take care and stay well.

Bunkin in reply to WYOAnne

I’ve had it and trust me you don’t want Covid and even if you get the shots and still get Covid, it’s a much milder case.

I had the AstraZeneca shot ( couldn’t take Moderna as I’m allergic to tromethamine - component of contrast media) and felt as though I’d been hit by a truck the next day. Could not get out of bed. By Day 3 I was back to normal. Day 5 I got what’s described as “Covid arm” which was a rash and inflammation at the injection site that extended to my elbow. It lasted two days and was managed by an antihistamine. Not looking forward to second shot but better than getting Covid 19 - my husband got it and was so ill he lost 15 pounds in two weeks. Do you have any allergies? I attached the info sheet they gave us listing the ingredients.

I had the astra zeneca , didn't notice a thing all afternoon or evening, went to bed and about 2am woke with a headache and feeling flu like. By next morning I felt like I'd been clubbed round the head with a rolling pin. Luckily it only lasted 24 hours but not nice. Although having had covid last year, the reaction to the jab was nothing. Got 2nd one next week. 🤞it won't be as bad.

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