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Apple Cider Vinegar and Kidney Disease

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I’ve read that Apple Cider Vinigar is good for level 3 kidney disease. My dietician recommended I take a tablespoon before each meal in a glass of water. I’ve been doing so for 3 weeks. Today I went to a naturopath and she told me to take it only for 3 weeks at a time and then take a couple/3 months break from it because continually taking it can cause more stress/harm to the kidneys. I tried googling this but have found nothing online. Does anyone have any experience using ACV and information about this?

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Call your nephrologist and ask him/ her if it's okay for you. Your nephrologist has your labs and can decide if it's in your best interest. My nephrologist recommended that I use it with olive oil and make salad dressing with it. He also approved" Be Live" sugar free Apple Cider vinegar gummies once per day. ( I buy them on Amazon) but that's based on my system.

I found that the ACV or in water was too acidic and also gave me indigestion.

Give a call. Be safe than sorry.


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sounds like a possibility , so might ask my PD about it.

Ty Bet117! Ty for your great question Dllfb! I just saw this post in my email and even with my transplant, I like to be very careful. I use California Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar each time I have a salad. This info is great to know now in my future as well as now. Transplant is different because we are no longer on a Kidney diet yet, its always important to know what effects the kidneys in any stage. Now what I will do is start to use other dressings as well and mix it up a bit. At one point I did see a diet and was taking apple cider with a little bit of water per day but it was too acidic for my stomach. So this information is great to know for my future. What I will do know is look some things up online I have questions about. Wow I never heard of the "Be Live" before. This was a great discussion. Thank you!

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Hi.. Good to hear from you.

I agree that anything too acidic taken straight is can cause problems and needs to be discussed with the attending doctor.

I make salad dressing with a bit of ACV and olive oil when I am in the mood; does help with lower GI digestion.

"Be Live" is the company that makes the Apple Cider Vinegar gummies that I take. I found them on Amazon - they are sugar free and have low ACV content, unlike Gobi and no other additives.

I brought the bottle to my nephrologist before taking them and he cleared it.

Take a look...

Stay safe and well.


I don't know if it's true or not, but I've read similar claims. I'd like to know myself. I've since started mixing it with olive oil when making marinades or doing stir fry dishes which is the bulk of my cooking these days.

Actually, you have to be careful if you have CKD and any underlying heart issues with any acidic foods. The obvious foods are deep fried anything, grapefruit, red meat, sauerkraut, fermented foods, processed sugar foods, artificial sweeteners, ice cream, soft drinks, coffee, MSG, and here's the big one, carbonated water. The caveat for all of this is that the occasional item MAY be good for you or it MAY NOT be good for you. You need to speak to your cardiologist and nephrologist for the amount and frequency for you based on your health and lab numbers.I hope this helps.

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Dllfb in reply to Mr_Kidney

Carbonated water? In my research I haven’t read anything negative about it! I know that some of the flavoured ones contain potassium (listed in ingredients) which are not good but there are others that are plain or with lemon Or even Bubbly brand with natural flavourings that don’t have potassium listed that are suppose to be fine!....or do you know something different? ...please share!

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Mr_Kidney in reply to Dllfb

I was shocked about this when I read it but I've included an article below that opened my eyes and hopefully it can clear it up for you.

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Dllfb in reply to Mr_Kidney

Geez I bought a whole case the other day thinking it was ok! Do you think it might be better if I water it half n half ?

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Mr_Kidney in reply to Dllfb

Watering it down won't eliminate the sodium and if you have any flavorings like lemon, it's still acidic. When in doubt, ask your nephrologist, since that doctor knows your health risks. If you have heart issues also ask your cardiologist. They know you better.

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Mr. kidney, I’m not seeing the problem with sparkling water from that article that you shared… Did I miss something? Spindrift is the brand I prefer since it is the only one without natural flavorings which by the way are really artificial flavorings they are developed in a lab and many of them can cause bladder irritation. Spindrift only uses a small amount of real fruit juice to flavor their carbonated water and absolutely no sodium.Black berry flavor is the least acidic to me.

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Mr_Kidney in reply to Jamok

If you have any heart issues, and the specific product you are referring to has a limited amounts of sodium and potassium then you should be okay if you get the okay from either your nephrologist and/or cardiologist. Again, getting their okay should also come with an suggestion of how many a day would be okay. Each one of us is different and the advice will be specific to you. There are many folks who cannot tolerate anything that is acidic. I hope this helps.

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Agreed! When in doubt- ask!

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