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Gfr low...all other bloodwork fine! Why?

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Has anyone had their egfr values drop quickly? I was at 85 2 years ago..last year I went from 75 to 72 to 68. This week it’s down to 61 (only 2 points from being Level 3) Im average in weight, I rarely eat out and usually cook for myself. I drink an average of 8 to 10 cups of water daily. My Dr has told me it has to do with getting older. I am not believing must be something! All along, my other bloodwork counts are/ have been in normal range including creatinine, potassium, sodium etc. And my urine test has been fine as well. I’m a healthy 62 yr diabetics or bp issues, not on any medications except some vitamins and am careful with those too. I’m aware of the effect of NSIDs on the kidneys and have not taken any since my tests last year...not that I took many of those b4 this decline started. I’ve never smoked and don’t drink alcohol either and there are no genetic ties to kidney issues in my family either. I’m quite concerned because I have much older friend who has gone through chemo n radiation, a smoker and overweight and her values are in the 80s and another one who is 8 yrs old and is a pill popper and has diabetes and hers is 91. Has anyone had this happen to them? Please share your thought...I’d appreciate it greatly!

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Hi and welcome to the community.GFR does decline with age. There is no amount it drops but it usually begins at sixty, earlier if you have underlying conditions. I've had my numbers fluctuate from test to test. However, one piece of information you need is that you shouldn't look at each number individually. Keep a running average and you'll have a much more accurate number of where you are.

While there is no cure for CKD, you can take steps to slow the progression.

You can begin a kidney-friendly meal plan and ask a physician to help you design an exercise regimen that will work for you, every day, rain or shine.

Avoid taking any NSAIDs, no red meat, no processed foods, stay hydrated, and stay away from smoking and alcohol. Some of this you are already doing.

Look at the hard copies of your previous labs. Look at your numbers for protein potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium. Any HIGH numbers, and outside the reference range, need to be kept within the limits. Speak to your physician about this and if possible consult a renal dietitian.

Best of luck.

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Dllfb in reply to Mr_Kidney

My previous numbers for all my bloodwork and urine tests is in the normal range levels ... including protein, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and calcium...the egfr is the only one that I’m concerned about...from 2019 it went from 85 to 61 last week. It was 75 then 68 in the summer. This is why I’m so concerned.

If you say that there is no change in creatinine value and egfr has dropped.How did you test egfr?

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The egfr is a value automatically tested in the bloodwork. The creatinine level has gone up but is 88 and the test shows it’s fine being between 50 and 100.

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Missjosefina in reply to Dllfb

Hi Dllfb

I've been looking in to eGFR and there are a couple of suggestions from the KDIGO about improving the effectiveness of estimated GFR.

Wishing you wellness

Jo xxx

Hi , sorry to hear of this drop in eGFR. I am 42 years old but about 8 years ago and the previous years leading to this, my eGFR dropped from 84-42 within 4 years. I have a rare autoimmune disease causing mine, but 8 years later, my eGFR is roughly in between 33-37, so they’ve managed to slow down the deterioration.

Age will gradually affect eGFR but I feel your dr needs to investigate what’s causing your drop and keep a close eye on your numbers. Like Mr Kidney said, it’s more important to look at the trend in numbers rather than individual numbers.... but in saying that, your trend is going down.

I would ask for another opinion! Doctors in the U.K. often don’t seem to worry until people get to stage 4 (eGFR under 30) but it’s the downward and speed of your trend that I think they should look into!

Hope you manage to get some more answers soon!

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Dllfb in reply to madonbrew

Thanks for your reply...Yes, my dr here is brushing the whole thing off. It’s maddening. Were your other numbers like creatine off as well or within the acceptable range when you were going through the initial declines? Did you have diabetes or blood pressure issues? You said “they managed to slow down the deterioration” . What did they do to do that please? Are you following a diet?

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I think they work out your eGFR from your creatinine clearance so the higher your creatinine the lower your eGFR. My blood pressure has always been fine...even on the low side. I do have diabetes now...but didn’t back then....but I’m a bit of a rarity... I have a rare autoimmune disease called IgG4 systemic disease that’s affected my pancreas and kidneys and various other bits. I am treated with Rituximab infusions to stop my body attacking itself, although previously was treated with steroids. To be honest I’m not great at following a special diet but lots of people here seem to follow a kidney diet which if you search the posts, I’m sure you’ll find lots about.

I think the first thing is for your doctor to find the cause, but they might not do this until your function has unfortunately dropped a fair amount more. It’s also worth remembering that hydration and other factors can influence your blood results on the day, hence why they look at a trend rather than individual number.

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Dllfb in reply to madonbrew

Yes...I’m getting impatient because since last year when Ive noticed my egfr dropping I stopped drinking pop, cut down on salt intake, stopped eating out...not that I ate out much b4. In other words I’ve been watching...but this was a shocker because I expected an improvement. I asked to go see a requisition to go see a nephrologist but my dr declined because I wasn’t bad enough yet! Nuts! Just keeps brushing it off!

I feel your frustration. My eGFR also declined rather rapidly and I only got the doctors attention when it was in the 40s. I consulted a renal dietician and following her recommendation I'm now back in the 50s for eGFR after just a few weeks. Although I'd already cut sodium, processed foods and alcohol on my own to little effect, her specific recommendations for a kidney-friendly meal plan also involved reducing my protein intake ( as well as cutting certain foods). You might also request an ultrasound on your kidneys to rule out something going on.

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Dllfb in reply to GonetotheBeach

Thanks...I have abdominal ultrasound booked for Feb 19th as there is nothing sooner. I am so anxious when it comes to health issues! I will be a basket case waiting for the results and waiting until then !

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