Hi, I'm 66 years old but my kidneys are apparently older. I recently found out that I am at State 3A. Before finding this out I had lost 130 pounds (still losing), changed my diet am in the process of changing my lifestyle. Doing these things without knowing about the CKD, I do have diabetes (Type II) but I have it under control and my PCP has had me stop my diabetes medication. Looking for advice from all those who know more than I do.

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  • Hello Mr Kidney: I am too a senior with CKD, diagnosed at level 3b by my primary Doctor over a year ago. It was a shock. I too was put on a pre-dialysis diet and exercise regimen. So far my level has stabilized. Yes our Kidneys are getting older is the best way to put it. Wear and tear as it were. Good luck on our journeys..

  • I put myself on a diet following the recipes on the DaVita website but haven't yet spoken to my nephrologist so I have to wait until then to ask about a pre-dialysis diet. I do watch my sodium, potassium and phosphorus intake so that is easy to continue. Food labels don't list phosphates but I read that you can look at the calcium amount and assume that the phosphates will be in that neighborhood. Since so many Americans have CKD I wonder what the FDA needs to add that item to labels?

  • Many food item labels do not mention phosphorus, maybe not required unless a certain percentage?. You can get a list on phosphorus content in food , on line via google, and also Davita has info. If something in ingredients mentions some type "phates" it is probably phosphates. You are starting off good.

  • Hi there. I didn't realize that you could look at the calcium amount and assume the phosphate will be in that neighborhood? That is so good to know. It is so hard to figure out. Thank you

  • Hello LaureenD: Good info on calcium and phosphate connection. Davita has a good tracker for phosphorus, sodium, and potassium. It is part of the menu.

  • Hello Orange City . I did not know that Davita has a tracker for phosphorus, sodium and potassium ... But I am very glad that you shared that . I'm going to look it up right now . What is your favorite recipe off that site ?

  • There are many recipes that are very good. A favorite is for breakfast, oatmeal with egg. I tend to do easy simple ones.

  • I am also senior with CKD, Level 2 B too. My problem is that my Dr. has not been helpful. I am trying to find a ore-dialysis diet too.

  • Maybe inquire of your Doctor about an appropriate renal diet for you. If Doctor does not do anything, maybe find a different Doctor. It is never too early in this disease to be proactive. Maybe find a Doctor who has a different specialty that may be appropriate for CKD, if you cannot get referral to neurologist. I found an gastroenterologist with kidney disease as secondary specialty. Sometimes have to work around the system.

  • I've already done an online search for a renal dietician and found the closest one to me, about 2 hours away. Already spoke with her and will meet with her to discuss a more detailed meal plan than I found on my own. Have to wait until I get home next week.

  • Hi, My original PCP has been ill and is now retired. I found a new one and she seems to be on top of things. I had a nephrologist who had a strange relationship with the GFR numbers. He didn't believe in their accuracy. I've found another one and I'm awaiting my first appointment. Depending on where you live it can be difficult to find another doctor but after you the doctors are the most important parts of your "team" so find someone who understands your issues and make the switch. I also went online and found a renal dietician about 2 hrs from where I live and have been in contact with her and will be sure that my meal plan is going to do what I hope it will.

    If you have CKD and haven't had to start dialysis then you are pre-dialysis. There are lots of recipes on the DaVita. They work for me, so far, because I also have diabetes, Type II, and control it by diet and exercise and each recipe states if it is good for those with diabetes, on dialysis and pre-dialysis.

    Good luck with your search

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