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Any help and advice please

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I’m very new to this forum I recently had my kidney check done by private lab lets get checked a month ago and my functions were slacking for my age of 47 they said to tell my doctor, my gp then checked the blood levels and said it was ok..

4 weeks later after having a colonoscopy and mri scan I once again thought best to check my kidney function as I was feeling under the weather again, the lets get checked rang me up concerned that my egfr score is only 44 and my creatinine 118

They told me to tell my doctor of which I will do today, I’ve been sick with worry for days since knowing this but no doctors open until today.

I wonder why my kidney scores seem to be so fluctuated in a matter of weeks and what’s going on?

I will try to eat more healthy although I don’t eat lots of unhealthy foods don’t drink or smoke either, I really hope this is ok after the year I’ve had it’s been horrendous times

Sorry for the vent I didn’t know where else to go with people that may have experience in this

Thank you for your time

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Kidney scores do fluctuate quite a bit, I imagine because of varied eating, fluid intake and perhaps anxiety or especially depression levels.

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Perhaps ask your gastrologist if a colonoscopy procedure can affect your eGFR blood test.

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HI Vivkyanne, Yes, GFR will fluctuate. The telling is time and repeated labs. But if you had a reading of 44, and at your age, then its time to look into what might be happening. Do not let a doctor blow you off. There are five stages of chronic kidney disease, and when caught early, you can save yourself a lot of heartache. So be glad you see this now. Have another lab draw done in a couple of months and see what your levels are. Then if they are still in the 40's ask to see a nephrologist and a dietician who specializes in renal disease. The best thing about CKD is that you can LIVE with it for a very long time if you makes some changes and catch it early. And yes, there is a chance the colonoscopy may affected your numbers. But don't ignore this.

Thank you for your reply I have booked in for bloods .. I will keep my eye on this

Thank you for your reply

I'll add to what others have noted here and just say that:

1. GFR can fluctuate based on hydration, and dietary factors.

2. An eGFR of 44 indicates a moderate level of Chronic kidney disease. You should start dealing with this now with your doctor's advice. With good diet and physical activity, you can manage your CKD for a long time without the need for dialysis/transplant.

3.Do regular bloodwork to monitor eGFR and creatnine levels.

4. Follow a kidney friendly diet with your doctor's/dietician's advice.

Visit a nephrologist , if you are diabetic / or even not a drastic change in diet would help. If you smoke or drink QUIT!!!

When they did your MRI did they use gadolinium injection? I believe that can affect your kidneys, and is contraindicated in someone with kidney problems. In any case, gfr tends to fluctuate, and even if it was lower as a result of the MRI or colonoscop that may only be temporary. Get it checked again and see if its still low. And I'd request a copy of your labs where your dr said the were ok, to see the actual number.

Some of the prep they use for colonoscopy can be harmful to people with CKD. The doctor who does the colonoscopy will make sure you use a kidney safe prep, but he has to know you have kidney issues. If you have a colonoscopy in the future make sure and ask the doctor who does the procedure about whether the prep he has you on is kidney safe.

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