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Am i truelly in stage 3a ckd.

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I have a question. I am being told im in stage 3a ckd. I had renal failure in 2013 but my kidneys returned to normal function. Im an avid body builder and anabolic steroid user. I have been using for 7 months straight now n my gfr is at 56. My creatinine at 1.42. Now its gotten like this in the past i stopped cleaned my diet up n my gfr has gone back up to the high 70s. She tells me my new baseline is 56. Based on what. Ive gone back and the test go from low 50s all the way to 94. For my gfr. All those test mind you were taken cause of hospital visits for either steroid or drug abuse. The long lapses when i was clean i wasnt tested. Im thinking ifi again stop the steroids clean my diet and not lift for awhile ill again be able to have a gfr. Above 70.

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Hi, a GFR of 70 is still Stage 2. The steroids shouldn't be used in any case. At some point, your kidneys will not rebound. A kidney-friendly meal plan and a sensible exercise regimen are the key components in lifestyle changes to slow the progression of CKD.

Ask for a referral to meet with a nephrologist and then a Renal Dietitian.

Kidneys don't regenerate and after being abused they will just shut down.

Use and register for a virtual Kidney Smart class. Lots of information and resources will be provided.

Best of luck.

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An eGFR tells how your kidneys are filtering at a given time. My Doctor uses an average to determine my CKD level . The progression has slowed down. Best to be proactive and kind to our kidneys when have CKD. Prescribed diet has helped slow the progression, for me. Perhaps a renal dietitian can be of help to you.

Im taking a b complex vitamin and im going to get folic acid n vitamin c. I also take NAC n milk thistle to help kidney health. Hoping ive covered the kidney vit.

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I take vitamin d and b12 both prescribed for me. I am 79 so my prescribed vitamins may differ.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 CKD. I drank Flor Essence herbal detox 3 times a day for only 2 months. I had my blood work done a second time and everything came back completely normal. You can purchase this tea at health food store or on E-bay.

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Thankyou very much. We think alike.

Mine failed to 8% and have only recovered to 24% through a medical injury. Please don't abuse your body if your in the UK a BBC tv programme looked at steroid use and they said the risk of damage to the body is very high. I'd hate anyone to go through what I have done by using drugs to enhance the body. My injury was due to a Rheumatoid drug in common usage and it upsets me to think anyone would risk this damage for any reason at all.

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I agree medway-lady. I check with my Doctor before I use any supplement, as what might work for one may not for another. Our reasons for CKD can be different also. There are NSAIDs here in US that can damage your kidneys with prolonged usage. I too was on an arthritis medicine that could cause kidney damage.

Mine was Omeprazole given to protect the stomach from Arava. Stuff killed my kidneys but its very rare I'm told. Not much conselation but it makes me cross that someone would take something known to have the potential to cause damage which when it does they need treatment for. For a few extra muscles they're prepared to risk Osteoporosis, heart damage not to mention stroke and kidney failure. Just why ?

It sounds like the steroids and drug abuse have caused kidney damage. Each time you stop and then restart, it is less likely your kidneys will rebound to the same GFR. Perhaps you should get professional help so you can stop the steroid usage and drug abuse once and for all. Your kidneys will benefit.

Already have lol. My question is basicly can i work out like i use to. Powerlifting.

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Yes. You should have no issue power lifting, but you're going to have to go 100 percent natural. Don't take any excess protein supplements because it's going to put more strain on the kidneys and filtration. Also, avoid all products with creatinine in it. Your body is already have some issues getting rid of it, you don't want to add anymore to it. But I think once you give the kidneys a break for awhile, things will come back up.

In the UK they classify your stage based on if you’ve had 2 readings in the same category over a given time period.

I can’t see these huge fluctuations in eGFR being good for you.

I’m aged 30 in stage 3b, and if you can prevent getting to this stage, I recommend you make some lifestyle changes now.

You can still lift and be active without using steroids - your kidneys will thank you for it!

Thankyou. Yes i stopped the steroids n ive been in recovery for awhile from the drugs. This renal diet is hard though. Ive just pulled stuff off the internet so far. Im waiting on my doctor to give me the referral to the nephrologist. Its does suck lifting on juice is like riding a motorcycle while lifting without a bycicle. Lol but my life depends on it.

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You need to purchase Flor Essence herbal detox tea. I was stage 3 CKD and drank this tea 3 times a day for only 2 months. Had my blood work done again and everything came back normal. You can ourchase the tea on E-bay.

get your cystatin-c tested. If you are still muscular your body will make more creatinine than other people. That does not necessarily mean your kidney function is impaired. My creatinine is all over the place because I strength train 5-6 days a week. I may not be a giant bodybuilder but I am more muscular than most 50 year olds. My cystatin-c however had been consistently good (gfr 90 or higher). My nephrologist told me to ignore creatinine and use only the cystatin-c because of this. Since I have never had any protein in my urine, he says I do not have CKD.

Thanku. Yes im extremely muscular ive been power lifting n using steroids for a long time. Im 5 10 n usually 265lbs. Since ive been told to stop working out n stop steroids ive dropped down to 231lbs. Shes run so many tests in the last week. I get all the results ill look for that one now to see if it was done.

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I shake my head when people on here tell other people to quit working out. There are lots of articles out there saying strength training improves outcomes for people with CKD.

Yes im pretty sure my doctor is making decisions right now based on evidence wich is gonna be scewed at best. Ive been continuously using 500mg test n 400mg tren n either tbol or dbol for the last 6 months. Im sure now that i dropped using them n give my body a break i will rebound.

I dropped to a trt dose of 200mg test a month ago. Now i dropped all of it. My body is gonna need a trt dose atleast.

That's a lot of Juice. You can still be strong without the chemicals, just maybe not incredible hulk strong LOL.

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You were so on top of it. Not in the gym 2 weeks n my eGFR is 75 now. That was before the diet change. Im sure diet change will have it higher. You cant base kidney health on some transient number like that for people who work out all the time. I said about going back to the gym and she said no way. " its a bad environment" what? I need a new doc. Lol

All i can say is dont do t ! clean it up - if you are a muscular guy , your creatinin will be high due to your muscular makeup. Get off the juice , train and eat right . best advice i can give you. your body will thank you for it, especially your kidneys and all other organs.

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