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Baking Soda


I’m not going to try this - but may ask my Dr.

I’ve been researching CKD -especially stage 3a - on the internet (can be dangerous and confusing I know). Noticed folks using baking soda to help reduce the acid that the kidneys have to deal with.

Anyone using baking soda ?

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

HI Gold-dean,

Baking soda does change the ph level of acid in the blood. However, it is not something that should be used unless prescribed. There should be a reason such as high uric acid first and not all CKD patients have that. I do, from another disease actually. So I was prescribed sodium bicarbonate, baking soda tablets. It was horrible for me. It gave me a lot if indigestion, contrary to what you would think it would do and did not change the levels much. So then I was put on Sodium citrate solution, which I take every night. One product was like battery acid and I hated it but found one that is great. My levels of uric acid are in the normal range and I have not had kidney stones since.

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I had high uric acid (hyperuricemia) and the Doctor prescribed a gout medicine, which is working.

Yeah, me too. I take colchicine (.6 mg) everyday. Since menopause, my gout is chronic.

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I take Allopurinol 100mg.

My doctor had me on 300 mg of Allopurinol a day once, a few years back, but it began to hurt my kidneys too much and making me extremely gassy in the process (and I mean, “Holy Hannah” gassy! I was almost sky-writing!) So my doctor discontinued it. Colchicine though, doesn’t really have any bad effects on me, at least not yet, that is! Lol! 😃😊👍

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So far 100 mg has not bothered me and has kept down the hyperuricemia.

That’s good. Try your best to not have to use colchicine if you can. Some of the side effects can be depressing. It used to be that many people would compliment me on my thick, strong, and shiny hair. Now what I have, looks like cotton candy! Lol! 😃

You definitely don't wanna be taking baking soda if your serum CO2 is the upper range.

Definitely talk to your doctor!

I take 2 1000mg Tums (calcium carbonate) in the morning as prescribed by the bone clinic at the Veterans Admin. Hospital where I get some of my medical care. It's to fortify my bones, as I fractured my femur in Nov. 2017. I don't know, but wouldn't this be a safer way to reduce acid in the GI? Baking soda has a lot of sodium therein.

Ask your doctor.

I take 1 calcium citrate...I was on calcium carbonate 2 a day than to the citrate two a day until my calcium became too high hypercalciumia and the drs wanted to prevent kidney stones so lowered to one a day and has been working great..I would not do anything unless you check with your Dr...if you raise or lower your blood sodium too much it can be extremely dangerous.

I run into this fake cure almost DAILY. Bakeing Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) should only be used if your body isn't creating enough sodium bicarbonate and your doctor prescribes it to you. There is no cure, no kidney flush, no magic herb, no secret flower from the northern side of a mountain in Italy, no special Myan moon dance, or anything else that will repair your kidneys. So many people push taking baking soda as a cure online and those people are quacks with a hidden agenda...usually to sell you a "Kidney Plan" for $99.

For those who have a lack of sodium bicarbonate (typically stage 4/5), doctors will prescribe 650mg tablets (each with about 178mg of sodium) AND have the patient reduce their sodium intake (at stage 4/5, sodium levels are more tightly managed). This does not justify using it for everyone else - and that is where the fake part of this online "cure" scam comes from. One thing those scammers fail to disclose is that baking soda in the box has a much higher sodium content. 1 tsp has over 1200mg - nearly a full days worth for end stage kidney patients. Anyone scooping baking soda is certainly NOT looking after their health - they are performing random actions that will actually accelerate kidney damage. There are other dangers, but people using baking soda tend to not want to do research.

Here is a short conversation about Baking soda and kidney disease from a Renal Dietitian from this last Tuesday:

Do not self prescribe anything - it will NOT help and most people lack the resources to research the impact. If you find a magic fix, ask your doctor and renal dietitian and see if it fit into your treatment strategy. I know we all want to find that one thing everyone in the world somehow overlooked - but once you understand the physically damage to your kidneys, you'll know there is no magic pill/powder. Alternatives to help kidney patients are in the works - but most appear to be 7-10 years away. Don't accelerate your kidney damage and miss the opportunity for a true solution.

James @ Dadvice TV

(Diagnosed GFR 8 - used diet and lifestyle changes to get to Stage 3 with NO magic pills or Mayan moon dances).

here is a short Dr Berg video clip on baking soda -

I take Sodium Bicarb, 1/2 tsp twice a day. I have been taking it for three years. It was prescribed to me, and I have had no ill effects and it definitely worked at bringing my body back into balance. I am not saying it will work for you, and you should discuss with your doctor to see if you could try it.

1/2 tsp dissolved in warm water twice a day.

My nephrologist has me taking 4 650 mg of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) daily. So , yes, I take baking soda daily. I was started on this about 7 years ago.


I just started taking sodium bicarbonate tablets prescribed by my new nephrologist a few months ago for a low blood co2. The doc said it reduces acid and therefore can slow ckd progression. Haven’t gotten blood work since I started taking it so not sure if it’s working.

Take care.

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how is your pH? Your acid levels can vary from day to day. I do check mine a couple of times a week.

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I have no idea. I’m taking the sodium bicarb tabs because my doctor noticed I had a CO2 level of 17 which means high acid levels. My old nephrologist never said a word to me about this and it’s often been below 22. I’ll have to get some of those testing strips. Thanks!

I am on sodium bicarbonate capsules for acidosis, been on them for 2 years

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate is baking soda is sodium bicarbonate--------. Yeah, that's how I maintain my pH and keep the blood out of my urine. I checked with my PCP first of course. I use the tablets I get through Amazon and the pH strips too.

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