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Badly in need advise/ support for alternative method not to go on dialysis.

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I am very much worried on my husbands condition , his doctor is trying to get him on dialysis so i am really in need to get help for alternative medicine if there is anyone who can extend help to us. I would really appreciate y'all if given suggestions. Thanks a lot

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At this point, if the doctor is saying dialysis you are out of options. Even if a transplant is preferred, he may have to be on some form of dialysis until he qualifies for a transplant and then receives one. If you are looking for a miracle pill, procedure or cure, there isn't one. Without knowing his numbers, which of course his physician knows, you really have to follow that path. Sadly, there is another path and that would be palliative care. There are folks who take that option, but it's also a final one.

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Can you tell us what is his status? Does he agree he needs to go on dialysis? Usually when the doc preps for dialysis, they put in a fistula. Has he had that done? There is usually some time between that surgery and actually starting dialysis. Have you gone to the appointments and are you part of the process? The more you know the more you can understand and support him. There are different forms of dialysis. Has he researched the options.

Unfortunately, when is comes time, there is no alternative medicine. But there are a lot of people on this forum who are stage 5 and have put off dialysis with diet. Talk to the doctor and if you feel he is not being straight with you, get a second opinion.

Good luck and let us know how things go

Nephrologists only will give you three choices when you reach stage 5:

1) prepare for dialysis

2) prepare for transplant (if you have a live donor and the transplant can be done before dialysis is required)

3) palliative care (usually done if the patient is too old for dialysis or transplant).

When someone reaches stage 5, it doesn't mean someone needs to start dialysis immediately. I've been stage 5 for over 2 years and just now it's become medically necessary to start dialysis. Some have been able to put off dialysis even longer, but it's in your best interests to at least start preparing for it. When you actually start dialysis depends less on your GFR than it does on your lab tests and how you feel. As your kidney function continues to go downhill, your numbers (like serum potassium) are going to become more and more difficult to manage. A serum potassium that is too high can be deadly (your heart will slow down and stop with no warning - cardiac arrest). Dialysis will clean your blood of toxins and keep your electrolytes in range.

There are currently no FDA-approved alternatives to dialysis. There is a lot of research occurring such as the artificial kidney and stem cell therapy, but nothing ready for "prime time". That said, some people have been able to get off dialysis by diet (Natural Kidney Journey) or stem cell treatments, but these treatments seem kind of "hit or miss" right now, i.e. don't work for everybody. Also, the nephrologists will not try to help you get off dialysis once started; from their point of view you're wasting their time to even talk about "alternatives". You're on your own and anything you do won't be covered by health insurance. Basically, good luck and proceed at your own risk. Nephrologists are not paid based on outcome. In all fairness, they are practitioners not researchers.

There are several forms of dialysis. Do you have access to a nephrology/dialysis counselor? Dialysis is not the end of your world. I have a friend who was successfully on dialysis for almost 20 years. He worked, traveled, married, and lives an upbeat and productive life. I would say listen to your nephrologist and ask questions.

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I have been on dialysis almost 18 years. I finished raising my children, worked 2 different jobs, traveled to over a dozen states doing dialysis, volunteered and served on more than a dozen organizations/committees. Life is what you make of what is given. Blessings

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How old are you? Im sorry to ask but my mom was 76 when diagnosed and she couldnt do anything. Her on dialysis was aweful. I'm just wondering?

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Olivia, I will be 79 on 1/26/20. I was diagnosed, through an open kidney biopsy, with FSGS in 1980 with a GFR of 50. I began a vegetarian diet at age 40 and made it to 2001 until I went on peritoneal dialysis with a sudden GFR of 8 and my nephrologist apoplectic. I did receive a transplant in 2003 after 6 years on the wait list. My doctors and I attribute my ability to ward off dialysis partly on my strict adherence to my veggie diet.

I firmly believe in the benefits of diet as I lived it.

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Wow thank u good to know

Have you checked out Natural Kidney Journey on facebook? They follow a very rigid protocol, but they have posted many good results.

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His doctor is trying to get him on dialysis? Why is that, because his kidneys are failing? There is NO alternative medicine replacing dialysis -- NONE. Transplant, palliative care, hospice are all choices to replace dialysis but they are treatments only. There is NO CURE for kidney failure, only treatments.

This can be quite frightening for you both. What is your husband feeling about this diagnosis? In the end they are choices he must make. What are your fears about dialysis? I will say it is not a death sentence. Your lives will change as you know it *but* living does go on. It is up to you both to make the most of it.

I've been on dialysis nearly 18 years. I lived on a farm, raised my family, worked 2 different jobs and volunteered in many differing venues as well. We have 6 dogs and cats. I love to read, garden and take walks. Maybe you'd like to talk about your fears, give details about the doctor's diagnosis, labs, options available and what your husband is wanting.

Try looking at sites like NKF, AAKP, AKF, and get educated about kidney health and your options.


I am sorry your husband has reached this point. Alternative Therapies will not heal his kidneys but they may help with stress relief pain management sleep issues etc. The thing with Alternative Therapies is many have not been tested with CKD but some have. Here is an article for you

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