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Changing the way we look at CKD

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Hope for many... There is a group on Facebook called Natural Kidney Journey which is offering hope for so many with CKD. It is a marked change from what so many are told in how to live their lives... Amazing information.

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Totally agree! It is amazing👍

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Zazzel in reply to SN23

Has your son tried it and have his labs changed? Although I’ve been stable for awhile with my CKD, I’ve been having some other inflammatory issues. I recently watched a documentary that outlined almost this exact diet for other inflammatory issues so I’m going to give it a shot for awhile and see if eliminating meat and all oil completely helps.

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Hi Zazzel,

He seems to have benefitted. He is already plant based so enjoying experimenting with a variety of food and recipes. He certainly feels more energetic and his blood pressure seems to have improved too. He has just started so no labs as yet but many others have shared their wonderful recoveries and labs in the group, Worth a try.

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I'm glad he's feeling more energetic. I really hope it helps him. :)

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Hi Takrang

The Natural Kidney Journey is very interesting and I think it is fabulous for those who can follow it. I personally found it too restrictive. But then, I like food that smells, looks and tastes good. This diet is not for me.

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KidneyCoachNKF Ambassador

I would have to agree with Bassettmomer. I found by following the diet far too restrictive especially in stage 5 and never enough protein to keep my albumin level where it needs to be.

Food is a natural part of life. I love the colors, feels, smells and tastes. To remove those from life drastically reduces my quality of life.. It is possible through due diligence to create a diet that is beneficial and enjoyable. It may be wonderful for some but not for me. I've yet to find any friends (personal) who agree with the diet regime. JMHO

Natural Kidney Journey is run more like a cult than an open-to-honest-discussion group.

They spout a LOT of stuff as facts that they can't back up other than to say; "It got my husband, Don, off his dialysis." Ask the wrong innocuous question and they'll kick you out of the group post haste. It's happened to me and lots of others. Kymberly is smart, but when you hear her pronounce quinoa as "Queen-o", you might want to take what they say with a grain of salt. On the other hand, nephrologists say a lot of stuff that they have no supporting evidence for. The truth is probably somewhere in between NKJ and your nephrologist. If you join NKJ, be very careful if you decide to comment. VERY careful.

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Zazzel in reply to Marvin8

Thanks for your advice. I’ve found there are usually many roads to the same result. Some people need extreme guidelines to follow both physically and mentally. Others can’t tolerate it. Each of us has our own issues and need to follow our own path. I like to soak up everyone’s thoughts then it’s all kind of an experiment unfortunately. When I asked the folks from IGAN foundation why more was t being done on nutrition research, that was pretty much the answer I got. It’s too hard to control all the variables.

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Takrang63 in reply to Marvin8

If you search the group, there are so many research articles and documentation backing up what is done... Even from Harvard no less... Surprising

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Marvin8 in reply to Takrang63

There's research on some stuff. On lots of other stuff there is not. They advise against distilled water and instead tout spring water. Distilled water is used in dialysis machines. Enough said. Lots of other good information and dubious information as well. Caution is highly advised.

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