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How to you pick a nephrologist?

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I plan to see a nephrologist.... my insurance company is sending me a list. So how to I select one sight unseen? I might pick one that isn't any good. This is beyond frustrating. My eGFR is 50. I'm 74 in good health (except for spinal problems). I suffer from restless legs, hives and bruising from just about every medication, prescribed and OTC.

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A simple way to do this is to use the link below and put in your location and the medical specialty you are seeking and you'll get a selection. Many of the doctors will have grades from prior patients and that can help you narrow it down. Remember to be sure the physician you select is board certified in the field.

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Barbee44 in reply to Mr_Kidney

Off to do that now! Thank you!!

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Hi Mr. Kidney! I went to Health Grades and found my internist and 13 reviews, yet only 2 are readable. Why?

I would select a nephrologist the same way I would select any other employee. Interview them. I was referred to by my PCP. I was not happy. I did change my nephrologist.

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I worry that they won't want me for a patient. I'll be 75 in a few weeks, I have spinal problems...BP problems, High Chloresterol, and I can't tolerate medications. Not the ideal patient.

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Mr_Kidney in reply to Barbee44

If you speak with a doctor who doesn't want to take you as a patient then consider yourself fortunate. Possibly they have forgotten why they went into medicine in the first place. Find a physician who will listen and give you the advice and treatment you need. We have enough issues, whether it's one or a dozen, that we shouldn't have to concern ourselves with the doctors' personal issues. This is the person you are expected to tell your most personal and intimate details regarding your health, life, and medical needs. If they aren't being supportive find another who will be.

I understand this can be difficult but always remember that you are entrusting your health care to them and at the very least, they should be providing you with medical information, advice when asked, and patience and understanding during your visit.


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Hi Barbee,

Here is a site that lists 10 resources for checking out a doctor. One way listed is through your Facebook page if you have one. We also where I live have a similar site called Nextdoor which is community based. By posting a question if anyone has a nephrologist they like, you can get a very personal picture of a doctor.

Remember, people often respond to surveys only if they are angry so sometimes the reviews based on patient surveys are very slanted.

Personally, I'd be very skeptical about putting personal information and needs on Facebook or any other social media platform. They've proven time and time again that you are a commodity to them and they'll sell your information to anyone with $$. Finding a doctor is one thing.

Once you find one you have to speak with the doctor at the first opportunity regarding your expectation for them regarding your health. If they balk at any point that would end the visit and I'd go back to the starting point. Before I found my current nephrologist, primary care physician, cardiologist, and urologist I was traveling two hours to meet with previous doctors. Doesn't matter how far I had to go to get the treatment I deserved and expected. Luckily medical treatment in my immediate area has undergone major improvements in the last two years and I was able to find excellent physicians near home.

I'm going to have to do it all again this year as my nephrologist is retiring this November and I will start looking sometime this summer for a replacement. I won't settle for just anyone.

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Good point, Mr. Kidney. But I was suggesting to only put out the question of who knows a good... nephrologist or what ever. Its done all the time on NextDoor because it is local people using local resources.

Thank you for the help, Bassetmommer. I appreciate it. However, I called my health insurance company and told them my story and they were shocked. They are sending me a list of the top doctors in nephrology and for primary care.

I chose the nephrologist my father used because I went with my Dad to appointments and the nephrologist asked about his entire conditions. He is well informed, does blood testing at his office and gets a complete understanding of what Dad (and now me) are eating and drinking. We both went to his anemia lab and received shots of Procrit for anemia. He is well known at dialysis centers and I believe he is a wonderful doctor.

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2 years ago we moved from WI to WY. I needed a good PCP and a nephrologist. I am 19+ years post transplant. As Mr Kidney suggested, I used "". On this site you can even read reviews on doctors you may choose. I wanted a doctor that would take their time with me and LISTEN. I found both of my doctors and have been very happy with both. Good luck in your search!

Hi Barbee44! Just my amateur view... but I'd avoid telling my insurance company details about my health as I imagine it all goes into their data base. I'm not sure how they'd use the information but probably not in good ways. Just my opinion. Hope all works well for you!

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Barbee44 in reply to Albuminian

I appreciate the tip, but they've been very helpful and...they see all the my health records anyway....since they pay the bills.

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