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PSA: Mental Health and the Holidays

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Hello everyone and Merry (almost) Christmas! I hope you all are taking some time out of a surely busy schedule to focus on mental health as well. This time of year can surely be a wonderful time of year, but it can also be stressful and symptom-inducing if we aren't careful. Take your meds if you have any and make sure to lean on others for support if you need to! Also, if you aren't feeling all that great, it is totally okay to take that nap, or to have an extra long shower to help you get through the day. Self-care is super important when under stress. Whatever it looks like for you, I really hope you engage in some self-care over the next few weeks to get through the holiday in one piece. I hope you all have a safe and wonderous holiday!

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Back at you Ladybug_05.

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Fabulous post and superb advice, Ladybug!

Have a wonderful and joyous holiday! 🎁


Have a lovely Christmas!

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