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Blood results


Hi, looking for some advice and have no idea what I am looking at so I will start at beginning:

I have been experiencing fluid retention on legs for over a year been to the doctors a few time over this they put it down to hormonal after having baby in 2016, I am 35 and over the last few months been feeling really tired I went to the doctors last week as the last few weeks I feel shocking feel really drained, keep going lightheaded and been sick couple of times and have no energy.

They ran some bloods and the results have come back some abnormal see below:

Serum bilirubin high 29

Serum urea high 7

GFR low 79.4

HDL Cholesterol low 1.09

LDL Cholesterol high 3.3

Any ideas what this could be?

I am waiting to speak to the doctor as they have text me saying I need bloods rechecked in 2 weeks

Any advice would be appreciated as my mind is in overdrive :( xx

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

No one on this website can or should make a diagnosis for you. I understand and have sympathy for you not knowing what is going on. But it might be nothing. That is why they want to have another blood test done so they can look for trends or if the first test was even accurate.

Just remember, you have a toddler. That is exhausting in its own right.

But you are wise to have things checked out again. Be a strong self-advocate and make sure you get the answers you need. Before you see the doctor again, keep a diary of your day Include activities and when you do them, and any and ALL the foods you eat, including snacks. This is not to make you feel guilty but something like eating a lot of sugar can cause a crash afterwards. Also include when fatigue hits you the most.

Good luck and keep us informed of what you find out.

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